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Member since: Tue Nov 9, 2004, 03:21 PM
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Thank you for the heart!!

Now I need to ♥️ someone, too!
Posted by GaYellowDawg | Fri Feb 8, 2019, 02:24 AM (2 replies)

I can't support Northam.

Iím sure there are far worse racists in the Republican Party. That is not a rationale, in my opinion, for supporting Northam. Yes, GOP politicians get away with worse. Thatís them. Not us. We have to hold to standards that they donít. Thereís nothing fair about having to hold to a higher standard, but I think itís the right thing to do.

Iíve had to admit to racism. Itís not pleasant, but itís honest. I have used racial slurs and told racist jokes earlier in my life. The weird thing is that I would have denied I was racist. I donít know how the hell I managed that disconnect, but I did. When I was in my mid-20ís, my perspective changed in a big way because, instead of being in an environment that was 95-100% white, I lived in an area with a much higher population of African-Americans than ever before. I had a lot of conversations, made some good friends, and listened. And what I learned is that I had a terribly narrow perspective, and that Iíd been racist in a big way.

Later, I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to attend graduate school. My best friends there were international students, not a single one of whom was white. They gave me added perspective, and it was there that I learned from them and a couple of very patient professors that I needed more work. The main thing being that I should not only do my best to not be racist, but to call out and be very clear that I would not tolerate racism when around a group that is all white. To not be afraid whether I would be disliked for it. Anything short of that would be a betrayal of people I professed to be friends with.

I have evolved. I fully admit to racist attitudes and words in my past. I really wish I could change that. But I have not been that person for some time, and I make every effort to not be that person now. I would want the chance to demonstrate who I am now. And to be open to any further education I might need to be aware of shortcomings I canít see in myself.

Thatís me. I wish that Northam had said something like that the instant he ran for public office. I could support that, but I canít support what I saw today.
Posted by GaYellowDawg | Sat Feb 2, 2019, 05:18 PM (0 replies)

Al Sharpton just sliced and diced a Trump mouthpiece.

Carrie something or other. Doesn't matter. I'll call her Baby Conway.

Baby Conway lied about polls about the wall. He nailed her on it. Baby Conway tried to claim that Democrats were against security represented by the wall and then claimed that they had all voted for it. And he nailed her by pointing out the inconsistency. And then he shut down three different Gish gallops.

He completely, absolutely pwned her. It was a model for how you treat those idiots. Just a thing of beauty. She got so visibly rattled and annoyed. At one point, when she thought the camera was off her, she started texting. Probably for help!

I'm completely sick of "Beto for president" threads.

Not enough experience, people. And I know the same thing was said about President Obama, but I'm gonna lay it out: I'm sure Beto is quite intelligent, but he's not in the same ZIP code as President Obama for outright brilliance. I like him as a VP candidate, but I don't want him as a presidential candidate. I don't think he's electable as a presidential candidate.

I'm sick of the same old "new bright shiny white guy" for president stuff. No to Beto. HELL no to Kennedy. Way too young, and I am not a fan of dynasties, either. Outside of his name, I think Kennedy's average as grits. Earnest and a good but not great speaker. Definitely not electable. Give him 20 years of seasoning and maybe. I - and I say this as a white man - I am damn ready for us to put up another tough as nails, brilliant woman for president. I know some of you have issues with Kamala Harris, but watching her run rings around everyone she's gone after in Senate meetings has convinced me she's sharp as hell and can win.

Another mass shooting: Mercy Hospital in Chicago.

I haven't seen any reports on the number of casualties.

It just completely bewilders me how anyone could do this to other human beings.

This was a reply, but I wanted it out there as a thread: Harris/O'Rourke 2020.

Two extraordinary speakers. Harris would absolutely carve up Trump in any debate. He would completely lose his mind when a black woman ran circles around him. And she is tough as nails. Any shot he took at her, she'd return with interest. And she does contempt so well. So well. Highly useful in a debate against Trump.

And can you imagine how hard Beto would beat down Pence in a debate? OMG. I know that he's already said he doesn't want to be President, but maybe VP would appeal. In two years, he could preside over Cruz.
Posted by GaYellowDawg | Wed Nov 7, 2018, 01:25 AM (2 replies)

I hope to see a bunch of legislation coming out of the House

Shoring up the damage done to the ACA by the Republicans. Protections for Medicare and Social Security. Establish a new coverage formula for the Voting Rights Act. Make Republicans in the Senate vote them down, or make Trump veto them. Hit the Senate and Executive Branch hard with the kind of Democratic legislation that the country will approve of. That's a big way to set up a blue wave in 2020. Put Republican representatives, senators, and Trump on the record and batter them senseless with that record in 2020.

Oh, and also investigate the shit out of Trump. And throw McConnell, Nunez, and the rest of the Fuck America Gang in there, too. I want the most energetic House in history.
Posted by GaYellowDawg | Wed Nov 7, 2018, 12:05 AM (5 replies)


Devin Nunez is now Devin Neutered!

And now... instead of the Russia investigation being blocked and hindered by the House, the House can support the investigation. And if Trump fires Sessions and Rosenstein after the election, and his lackey fires Mueller, then the House can appoint a special committee and simply direct Mueller to continue his investigation under the auspices of the committee. And I would appoint Maxine Waters as the chair of this committee!

Do you understand? We have just fireproofed Mueller. Now the hammer - or, shall I say, gavel? - comes down on Trump! Investigations? Check. Republican House obfuscation? Gone. Trump tax records? Available. All the frustration we've had with House investigations is going to be reversed. I can't wait for the blood to start flowing from Trump's whatever.

I understand the disappointments regarding the Senate. I thought Bredesen had a chance in my state. So disheartening. I didn't just want a blue wave, I wanted a blue tsunami. But if I had to choose between flipping Tennessee and Texas and taking the House, I'd pick "take the House."
Posted by GaYellowDawg | Tue Nov 6, 2018, 11:43 PM (8 replies)

Fucking Tennessee Senate race.

I live here, and I hate it tonight. Goddamn this goddamn state for electing goddamn Marsha evil fucking Blackburn. If Trump is Hitler, she's fucking Eva Braun.

Check in... who's quickly losing their fingernails?

Mine are ragged as hell right now.
Posted by GaYellowDawg | Tue Nov 6, 2018, 09:22 PM (4 replies)
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