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Member since: Tue Nov 9, 2004, 03:21 PM
Number of posts: 4,362

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Rescue dogs from the South going to Maine...

I thought this was, overall, an uplifting article.


Anyone know how to get over a broken heart?

So... I tried to get back together with an ex I loved very much. She started talking to me, then drifted away. Just a couple of months later, she was engaged, and then a month after that, married. I think of her every day, know she doesnít even think of me, and hurt like hell. I feel stupid and pathetic for not moving on. The dating well here resembles the Gobi and dating sites are an absolute nightmare. I just want to stop hurting.

I'm going to say something good about Democratic candidates other than my choice.

Bernie Sanders: I think he's pushed the Democratic Party back towards the left. "Centrist" is not a bad word for me, but I think we needed liberal Democratic candidates, and I think Sanders has brought a lot of candidates out who are not afraid to declare themselves as liberal.

Pete Buttigieg: So many positives. Very strong speaker. Very charismatic. He's very able to anticipate attacks, and stand them on their heads. Witness what he's done to Mike Pence. The first candidate whom I'm sure is as intelligent as President Obama. I'm sure he will be very, very capable in debates.

Amy Klobuchar: Tough. Speaking in the snow doesn't particularly impress me, but her demeanor during the Kavanaugh hearings sure as hell did.

Joe Biden: Genuine. Compassionate. Is known and respected internationally.

Beto OíRourke: Charismatic. Passionate. Able to inspire others.

Cory Booker: Compassionate and charismatic. A strong speaker who would have been very standout in any other years.

Elizabeth Warren: Highly intellectual. Has changed her views from conservative to liberal based on experiences and data, not ideology. Pragmatic yet ambitious in her economic plans.

Eric Swalwell: A very strong legislator. I like his stances on healthcare and gun control.

I don't know the other candidates well enough to comment. No offense intended.

Harris supporter here... but damn, Buttigieg's doing a hell of a job.

Heís really impressive.

I'm turning this shit off and watching DiY or NatGeo or something

I don't want to hear that orange fucker gloating.

So that's it. Time to move on.

Mueller cleared Trump of collusion. And punted any conclusions on obstruction to the AG. The AG and assistant AG decided there was nothing to prosecute. The AG is going to have control over how much, if any, of the report gets released to the public.

So here's what we're not going to get:

We're not going to get anything on collusion/conspiracy. That's dead. Doesn't matter whether it's true.

We're not going to get anything on obstruction. That's dead. The AG has decided that. It doesn't matter what Mueller has to say about it, or what Congress has to say about it. The AG will simply refuse to release what Trump doesn't want him to release. Doesn't matter that it's plain as day.

We will never see the full report. That's going to be buried for good. I doubt the public ever even gets to see a highly redacted version. I doubt Congress will ever see anything but a highly redacted version.

We're not going to get an impeachment. There is no possibility of impeachment or indictment now. Deserved or not.

It sucks. It's not what we had hoped for. I think it's a complete miscarriage of justice. It's going to give Trump a huge political boost. So now we're going to have to change direction and focus on pointing out what a supremely bad job the Trump administration has done. How he's damaged the country domestically and internationally. There's plenty of material to deny him the Presidency in 2020.

Please, before you express an opinion on impeachment...


Impeachment is done by the House. A simple majority passes articles of impeachment. Those articles (charges) are then voted on by the Senate after a trial. Conviction requires a 2/3 majority. An impeachment is not a conviction, nor is it sufficient for removal from office.

Iíve seen a lot of conflation of impeachment and conviction around here. Thatís why I posted this. I am hoping that there will be a Meuller report that makes impeachment impossible to avoid, and a conviction possible. I completely disagree with the idea that impeachment is off the table without a sure conviction; I think there would be great value in exposing Trumpís crimes in a trial.

Kamala Harris supporter here, brief comments on Klobuchar and Warren.

I liked Klobuchar and Warren. Liked what they said, and how they said it. If Klobuchar or Warren wins, I'll support her unreservedly. Harris is still my #1, but it's great that we have multiple candidates who would make strong nominees.

You know why?

Any Democratic nominee >> Trump. Any Democratic nominee is better than Trump. You could empty my Democratic colon and the pile would be better than Trump. I like Harris, but whomever wins is going to have me firmly on her or his side. I hope that all Democrats really, really internalize the idea that any vote other than for the Democratic nominee, or not voting, is as good as a vote for Donald Trump. If your candidate beats out Harris, she or he will have my unqualified support. So go Klobuchar, go Warren, go Booker. I want everyone looking as good as possible, and for our nominee to clearly be the best of a group of strong competitors.

Reframing wealth: I don't know WHY Democrats don't say this

Republican term: "Class warfare"

Democratic response: It's been going on for almost 40 years: the rich warring on the middle class and poor. It is time someone fought back for the middle class and the poor!

Republican term: "Wealth redistribution"

Democratic response: It's been going on for almost 40 years, from the middle class to the rich. We are not for wealth redistribution. We are for wealth restoration, from the rich back to the middle class.

Republican term: "Death tax"

Democratic response: That's ridiculous. No one gets taxed for dying. Heirs get taxed for unearned income. If lottery winners have to pay high taxes, why shouldn't people who inherit millions?

And I don't know who said this - I think maybe Molly Ivins - but someone said something to the effect of "Trickle down economics has been going on for 40 years and I haven't even gotten damp."
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