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Member since: Mon Nov 1, 2004, 07:12 AM
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I have to have my kitty put to sleep this afternoon.

I know this isn't really a feminist kind of thing, but you guys are kinda my support group.

I can't tell my two best friends and ask for their support right now, because one is going in for surgery tomorrow and the other is her moral support so I don't feel right burdening them with this right now.

I have two other cats but Moochie is my heart baby. He was a feral cat that I was feeding on my patio until one day he crawled into my lap, put his paws on my shoulders to hug me. My heart broke open at the moment to let him in forever.

He had been losing weight lately, but he is older and I thought it was just arthritis, but he started coughing up blood.

I am devastated.
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