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Member since: Mon Nov 1, 2004, 07:12 AM
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Facing Sexism: what can we do?

Sexism is an equal opportunity offense. Many agree that it must be stopped, but all too many think those that want to do this are "Net Nannies".

Many feminists are united here in facing down sexism when it regards women. And I know some of us have attempted to apply that equally to sexism applied to men.

How do we unite men and women in the mutual quest of eliminating sexism for all when so many of our own sex (men and women both) insist that it is just not that big a deal?

As a feminist, I have in the past alerted on sexism on men and my alerts were all shot down 6-0 to leave. I gave up on it because the jury comments were frankly humiliating. I think it is time for me to begin to do that again. But somehow we must convince the rest of DU that these are not frivolous alerts. How to do that?

Men, I have a feeling feminists will have your back on this.

What are your opinions?
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