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Member since: Mon Nov 1, 2004, 07:12 AM
Number of posts: 2,323

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Question about alerted posts.

If a jury votes to leave the post alone, does the author of the post even know there was an alert on the post?

I got stuck in jury service.

I had completed my jury service (6-1 to hide, yeah!) and had moved to another page where I had the notice to serve on another jury (I thought) I clicked it and it took me to the post I had just adjudicated. I couldn't get out until I canceled my desire to serve.

Will this affect my chances of serving on a future jury?

I have a bug to report and I can't find the bug thread.

Well, I guess I could If I went looking for it, but dialup makes it too time comsuming.

Reply to this post wouldn't work in this thread for post number 2.


I had to hit permalink on the post in order to reply to it.

Can we please pin the bug thread?!

Doomsday Clock moves to five minutes to midnight

Nuclear disarmament

Despite the promise of a new spirit of international cooperation, and reductions in tensions between the United States and Russia, the Science and Security Board believes that the path toward a world free of nuclear weapons is not at all clear, and leadership is failing. The ratification in December 2010 of the New START treaty between Russia and the United States reversed the previous drift in US-Russia nuclear relations. However, failure to act on the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty by leaders in the United States, China, Iran, India, Pakistan, Egypt, Israel, and North Korea and on a treaty to cut off production of nuclear weapons material continues to leave the world at risk from continued development of nuclear weapons. The world still has approximately 19,500 nuclear weapons, enough power to destroy the Earth's inhabitants several times over. The Nuclear Security Summit of 2010 shone a spotlight on securing all nuclear fissile material, but few actions have been taken. The result is that it is still possible for radical groups to acquire and use highly enriched uranium and plutonium to wreak havoc in nuclear attacks.

Nuclear energy

In light of over 60 years of improving reactor designs and developing nuclear fission for safer power production, it is disheartening that the world has suffered another calamitous accident. Given this history, the Fukushima disaster raised significant questions that the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists' Science and Security Board believe must be addressed. Safer nuclear reactor designs need to be developed and built, and more stringent oversight, training, and attention are needed to prevent future disasters. A major question to be addressed is: How can complex systems like nuclear power stations be made less susceptible to accidents and errors in judgment?

Climate change

In fact, the global community may be near a point of no return in efforts to prevent catastrophe from changes in Earth's atmosphere. The International Energy Agency projects that, unless societies begin building alternatives to carbon-emitting energy technologies over the next five years, the world is doomed to a warmer climate, harsher weather, droughts, famine, water scarcity, rising sea levels, loss of island nations, and increasing ocean acidification. Since fossil-fuel burning power plants and infrastructure built in 2012-2020 will produce energy and emissions for 40 to 50 years, the actions taken in the next few years will set us on a path that will be impossible to redirect. Even if policy leaders decide in the future to reduce reliance on carbon-emitting technologies, it will be too late.

The Clock is ticking.


WTF? Here's a strange bug.

I was posting in this thread:


I hit post and it took me to this page:

So I hit back and looked all over the page to see if I hit a link by accident, couldn't find one and hit post again.

Of course it double posted.

How could this happen?

I want my mods back! The more I participate in juries

and hear the egregrious stories the more I want my mods back.

Bigoted, sexist, homophobic and call out posts are allowed to remain. Flamebait threads burn down the board.

We are supposed to judge these posts by Community standards but there don't seem to be any. And how can you make a jury member adhere to those standands?

If I EVER complained about mods before I grovel in apology.

Ps. ALso spell check and unrec too, please.
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