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Member since: Fri Oct 29, 2004, 06:05 PM
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To so many Africans, Fidel Castro is a hero. Heres why

If Africa is a country, then Fidel Castro is one of our national heroes. This may come as a surprise to many oblivious of Africa’s postcolonial history and Castro’s role in it – especially the fate of white regimes and former Portuguese colonies in southern Africa.

In the west, Castro’s legacy is usually dismissed as an authoritarian, and Cuba as a one-party state with few freedoms. Despite the many achievements of Cuba under Castro (high quality public healthcare, as well as life expectancy, child immunisation and literacy systems parallel to those of first-world nations, and even surpassing the US), at various times the country became renowned for economic crisis, media repression, exiling and imprisoning dissidents, and discriminating against gays and people with AIDS.

Those things were a betrayal of the revolution, and it is important to acknowledge that. But history has absolved Castro when it comes to Cuba’s foreign policy, especially its Africa policy.

A great irony about the reaction to Castro is that many of the same people demanding acknowledgement of his wrongs have never acknowledged that their governments were on the wrong side of history, or sponsored dictatorships in many developing countries.

After fronting the Cuban revolution against a corrupt, American-sponsored dictatorship in 1959, Cuba under Fidel worked hard to develop its own distinct foreign policy independent from that of its more powerful neighbour, the United States, or its supposed ally, the Soviet Union. Africa became central to that foreign policy. For me, and people of my generation, Fidel Castro entered our consciousness as a hero of our liberation. He wasn’t just fighting for an abstract cause. He was fighting for us.

Rmoney makes the worst of grovelers look


Now you know why the turtle supported Groper Don the Con

The Majority Leader's wife will head the Department of Transportation - no conflict here at all.

The Con's election led to 'barrage of hate' report finds Southern Poverty Law Center counts 867 hate

across US in 10 days since election, with many targeting immigrants, African Americans and Muslims

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has counted 867 hate incidents in the 10 days after the US election, a report released Tuesday found, a phenomenon it partly blamed on the rhetoric of Donald Trump.

The advocacy group collected reports of incidents from media outlets and its own #ReportHate page. SPLC said it was not able to confirm all reports but believed the number of actual incidents was far higher, as according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics most hate crimes go unreported.

Richard Cohen, SPLC’s president, blamed the recent surge in hate crimes on Trump and his divisive language throughout the campaign.

“Mr Trump claims he’s surprised his election has unleashed a barrage of hate across the country,” said Cohen in a statement on Tuesday. “But he shouldn’t be. It’s the predictable result of the campaign he waged. Rather than feign surprise, Mr Trump should take responsibility for what’s occurring, forcefully reject hate and bigotry, reach out to the communities he’s injured, and follow his words with actions to heal the wounds his words have opened.”
Claims of hate crimes possibly linked to Trump's election reported across the US
Read more

Trump’s name or one of his slogans was directly invoked in several instances. SPLC categorized 43 recorded incidents as “Trump-General”, where attackers used Trump’s name but it was unclear what bias motivated the attack.

Holy Shite - did you just hear that they were speaking Brazil in that last twitter post

before the plane crash in Colombia? It's hard enough to lose lives in such a crash but GEM$NBComcast doesn't know that they speak Portuguese in Brazil?

Pssssssssssssssst! Security experts join Jill Stein's 'election changing' recount campaign

More election security experts have joined Jill Stein’s campaign to review the presidential vote in battleground states won by Donald Trump even as she sues Wisconsin to secure a full recount by hand of all of its 3m ballots.

Half a dozen academics and other specialists on Monday submitted new testimony supporting a lawsuit from Stein against Wisconsin authorities, in which she asked a court to prevent county officials from carrying out their recounts by machine.

Stein argued that Wisconsin’s plan to allow automatic recounting “risks tainting the recount process” because the electronic scanning equipment involved may incorrectly tally the results and could have been attacked by foreign hackers.

“There is a substantial possibility that recounting the ballots by hand will produce a more correct result and change the outcome of the election,” Stein argued in the lawsuit in Dane County circuit court. A copy was obtained by the Guardian.

Stein, the Green party’s presidential election candidate, is working to secure full recounts in the states of Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, where Trump surprised pollsters by narrowly beating Clinton on his way to a national victory in the electoral college.

A petition from Stein requesting a recount was accepted by Wisconsin last Friday. Her efforts to obtain a recount in Pennsylvania met serious difficulties on Monday as it became clear she needed three voters in each of the state’s 9,163 voting precincts to request a recount on her behalf, and that deadlines to do so had passed in many precincts.

Could someone on probation head a major Department in the United States?

Isn't Betrayus on Probation as I type?

Brazilian team Chapecoense among those on board crashed plane


Police in Colombia have said 76 people were killed when a plane carrying members of the Brazilian football team Chapecoense crashed in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

Initial reports said there were six survivors, including players, a crew member and travelling journalist, but police said one had died in hospital. The plane was carrying 72 passengers and nine crew members.

Chapecoense were flying to play a Copa Sudamerica finals match against Atlético Nacional on Wednesday in Medellin.

Medellin’s mayor, Federico Gutierrez, said the crash, close to the town of Cerro Gordo, was a “tragedy of huge proportions.” The Brazilian football confederation said in a statement that it was praying for the passengers and crew.

So Dylan Roof will be allowed to represent himself

Whatever - throw away the fucking keys - hope it ends like Charles Manson - life without parole

Class is class - Jimmy Carter remembers Fidel Castro fondly

Former President Jimmy Carter had kind words for Cuban dictator Fidel Castro, who died Friday, saying in a statement he and his wife “remember fondly our visits with him in Cuba and his love of his country.”

Castro, who was 90, was long a scourge of the U.S. who brought the Cold War to America’s doorstep. But he and Carter, a Georgia native, had warmer relations.

Carter took a step to normalize relations between the two nations during his presidency, and the two shared several visits, including a 2011 journey where Castro called Carter a “friend.”

I loved Fidel and love Jimmy Carter
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