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Member since: Fri Oct 29, 2004, 06:05 PM
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Watching Obama

He'll be missed

Ex-firefighter Bill Brennan puts a damper on Chris Christie's ambitions

Gov. Christie didn't take questions after assembling the media in the Capitol Rotunda last Tuesday for the announcement of a $300 million plan to renovate the Statehouse.

That left a vacuum. Bill Brennan promptly filled it.

The retired Teaneck firefighter quickly commandeered Christie's spot. The cameras flocked around him as talked loudly about his effort to get a special prosecutor named in the citizen's complaint he had filed against Christie last month during the Bridgegate trial.

That got him a lot of media attention. The next day he got a lot more during a press conference outside the Bergen County Courthouse following a hearing on his request.

In that hearing, the judge denied his motion to name a special prosecutor. So that means Christie can finally put Bridgegate behind him, right?

Wrong. It's just getting started.

Then along came Brennan with the law degree he earned after retiring from the Fire Department.
brennan.jpgBill Brennan: Like Christie, he wants to go from prosecuting politicians to running for governor.Anthony Sciarrino/NJ Advance Media

"The question here that's on the court's lap is whether he learned of the closures and whether he had the ability through his staff to end it," McGeady said.

The answer? There was probable cause to pursue the prosecution, he ruled.

But who would be the prosecutor? The county prosecutor, who was appointed by Christie, recused himself. Brennan argues that any subordinate would have a conflict of interest as well.

"I think he has a good case on appeal," said state Sen. Ray Lesniak. "If he doesn't have standing, then no one has standing. Judges do that when they want to punt, when they don't want to make a decision on the merits."

The Union County Democrat, who is a lawyer by trade, attended the hearing last week. He said Brennan did an excellent job against attorneys for both Christie and the prosecutor - an alliance that in itself seems to indicate a conflict, he said.

Psssssssst so Ivanka Trump is signing a deal with a Japanese company

The main shareholder of this company is a Government owned Japanese bank
Hope you understand why she was in that very first meeting with a foreign leader.

From Chris Hayes

Al Gore: climate change threat leaves 'no time to despair' over Trump victory


The urgent threat of climate change means there is “no time to despair” over the election of Donald Trump, according to former vice-president Al Gore, who hopes that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton will join an escalated climate campaign against the president-elect.

Gore told the Guardian he remained hopeful Trump would reverse some of his positions on climate change but predicted an unprecedented backlash from environmentalists over the next four years.

Trump, who has called climate change a hoax, has pledged to withdraw the US from the Paris climate accord, dismantle the Clean Power Plan, slash renewable energy funding and somehow prop up the ailing US coal industry.

His advisers have also advocated cutting climate research at Nasa and completely exiting the international climate effort.

Gore said such threats mean there will “likely be a huge upsurge in climate activism. I’m encouraged that there are groups that are digging in to work even harder. Those groups working in the courts are even more important now; those organizing on campuses are even more important now.

“My message would be that despair is just another form of denial. There is no time to despair. We don’t have time to lick our wounds, to hope for a different election outcome.

Well said Al GOre

I think it's worse than many think

I believe Groper Don the Con intends to tear down every norm associated with international relations.
He is of the view that the US is the 'imperial power' and the rest of the world are colonies by order.

Hint - China can devalue its currency without US permission but not according to this lunatic.

Tears for the dead in that Oakland fire

To think that I enjoyed a street and art festival in Miami on Friday and am now watching coverage of other street artists who died in a horrific fire in Oakland - now 33 bodies found

So I went to Miami for a few days

and had a really good time. We spent Friday afternoon/evening/night at the Art Basel downtown across the train tracks in Wynwood.
That was quite an experience - both the graffiti at Wynwood and the art on display were fabulous..
It was good to see people making some money hustling every imaginable thing including coconut water.
Got some free drinks and we supported the food trucks at Wynwood yard.

One of my nephews worries about gentrification with good reason - lots of original homes had for sale signs. Still it was loud and exciting - I was most impressed with Hebru Brantley's work and there was a French glassblower whose work was mind blowing. There were lots of artwork attacking Trump.
We were able to talk to some of the artists. Damn this planet has talented people.

Saturday afternoon we went to see Loving. I cried even though I knew they would win in the Supreme Court. Then we went to Dadeland Mall.

As you can see this was a well needed cleansing trip to enjoy our families and chill.

Now it's back to reality.

I stand behind Hamilton electors,

A teenager from Washington state has become the seventh person to indicate that she will break ranks with party affiliation and become a “faithless elector” in an attempt to prevent Donald Trump being formally enshrined as president-elect when the electoral college meets on 19 December.

Levi Guerra, 19, from Vancouver, Washington, is set to announce that she is joining the ranks of the so-called “Hamilton electors” at a press conference at the state capitol in Olympia on Wednesday.

The renegade group believes it is the responsibility of the 538 electors who make up the electoral college to show moral courage in preventing demagogues and other threats to the nation from gaining the keys to the White House, as the founding fathers intended.

“I stand behind Hamilton electors,” Guerra said in a statement to the Guardian. “I promised those who elected me that I would do everything I could to keep Donald Trump out of office.”

Simple question - are frog legs


To so many Africans, Fidel Castro is a hero. Heres why

If Africa is a country, then Fidel Castro is one of our national heroes. This may come as a surprise to many oblivious of Africa’s postcolonial history and Castro’s role in it – especially the fate of white regimes and former Portuguese colonies in southern Africa.

In the west, Castro’s legacy is usually dismissed as an authoritarian, and Cuba as a one-party state with few freedoms. Despite the many achievements of Cuba under Castro (high quality public healthcare, as well as life expectancy, child immunisation and literacy systems parallel to those of first-world nations, and even surpassing the US), at various times the country became renowned for economic crisis, media repression, exiling and imprisoning dissidents, and discriminating against gays and people with AIDS.

Those things were a betrayal of the revolution, and it is important to acknowledge that. But history has absolved Castro when it comes to Cuba’s foreign policy, especially its Africa policy.

A great irony about the reaction to Castro is that many of the same people demanding acknowledgement of his wrongs have never acknowledged that their governments were on the wrong side of history, or sponsored dictatorships in many developing countries.

After fronting the Cuban revolution against a corrupt, American-sponsored dictatorship in 1959, Cuba under Fidel worked hard to develop its own distinct foreign policy independent from that of its more powerful neighbour, the United States, or its supposed ally, the Soviet Union. Africa became central to that foreign policy. For me, and people of my generation, Fidel Castro entered our consciousness as a hero of our liberation. He wasn’t just fighting for an abstract cause. He was fighting for us.
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