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Member since: Fri Oct 29, 2004, 05:05 PM
Number of posts: 241,322

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You know the best blow last night

was from the people at the dinner - Boo followed by You.

That was the ultimate humiliation.

Can any DUer explain the point Groper Don the Con was trying to make

re the $64,000 Question. It made no fugging sense. OK he never makes any sense.

He then went on to site the film Quiz Show as an example of what should happen to Clinton.

Years ago there was a show called The $64,000 Question. A contestant got the questions in advance, and his life was ruined. … Charles Van Doren was his name. He got the questions, and his life was ruined. But Hillary, Hillary Clinton got the question—think of it.

That would be cite Slate

That chemical spill in Kansas


"At 8:02 this morning two chemicals were inadvertently mixed together at MGP," said Trey Cocking, public information officer for the city of Atchinson. "That caused a gaseous plume to develop. That plume covered good portions of the city of Atchinson [and] we have 18 people being treated for respiratory discomfort."

MGP Ingredients is a supplier of premium distilled spirits and specialty wheat proteins and starches.

Of the 18 people who were treated in the hospital for respiratory issues, five are city employees.

"All injuries are minor, they are being kept for observation," Cocking told reporters at a press conference.

Chemicals were mixed together "inadvertently in the delivery process" when one chemical was put in the wrong holding tank, according to Cocker. It was not clear which two chemicals had been mixed. (one was sulfuric acid)

They're booing his ass


For some levity - watch Dustin Brown's shot against Jack Sock

a short while ago. They're calling it the shot of the year..
This will be trending among the tennis fans of the world (and of course more than a few Jamaicans)

How to Rig an Election


Let's have some newspaper headlines for tomorrow please?

He ends by calling her a nasty woman

Good fucking grief, he is deplorable

You know at the end of the day he looks as evil

as he is in real life - a first rate lowlife, scumbag, racist LIAR who knows nothing about anything and makes up shit as he goes along.

Did he just say least stupidest??

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