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Member since: Fri Oct 29, 2004, 05:05 PM
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Two Cops ambushed and killed in Iowa

DES MOINES, Iowa — Two metro police officers are dead following what is being called an “ambush-style attack.”

According to Des Moines Police the incident started at 1:06 a.m. Wednesday with a report of shots fired near 70th and Aurora. The first officer who arrived at that scene found an Urbandale police officer suffering from a gun shot wound. Twenty minutes later a Des Moines police officer was found shot at the intersection of Merle Hay Road and Sheridan Drive. Both officers have died from their wounds.

Des Moines Police are describing the shootings as ambush-style attacks.

At this time there is no information on a suspect and no arrests have been made.

A joint news conference is being held at 5:00 a.m. between the Urbandale Police Department and the Des Moines Police Department to release more information on the shootings. We will carry the event live on WHOtv.com and on Channel 13.

Moody's say 332

Dixiegrrrrl tell us more about that Alabama pipeline

explosion - please

Groper Don the Con is not leading shit

That is all

Marco Rubio - it's bad when he misses work

It's worse when he shows up - great ad

Calm Down DUers - Watch this - and send it on

The Only American born female President to date

ReTHUG Senator Richard Burr Jokes About Shooting Hillary Clinton

Sen. Richard Burr (R-N.C.) joked during private remarks about putting a bullseye on Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, CNN reported Monday.

“Nothing made me feel any better than [when] I walked into a gun shop, I think, yesterday ... and there was a copy of Rifleman on the counter,” he said in audio posted by CNN of an event with Republican volunteers. “It’s got a picture of Hillary Clinton on the front of it. I was a little bit shocked at that ― it didn’t have a bullseye on it.”

“But on the bottom right, it had everybody for federal office in this particular state that they should vote for,” he continued. “So let me assure you, there’s an army of support out there right now for our candidates.”

American Rifleman is the magazine of the National Rifle Association, which endorsed both Burr and his preferred presidential candidate, Republican nominee Donald Trump, and opposes Clinton.

If Bridget Kelly and Bill Baroni are guilty and that appears to be the situation

so is Crispie Christie

Two former allies of Governor Christie were “loyal lieutenants” who used their government powers to punish political targets.

An in-depth look at the scandal over the lane closures at the George Washington Bridge and related aftershocks. Click here to launch.

In a summation lasting about four hours, Assistant U.S. Attorney Lee Cortes said that Kelly, the governor’s former deputy chief of staff, and Baroni, the governor’s former top executive appointee at the Port Authority, “shared an intense commitment to the political success of Governor Chris Christie.”

“They saw themselves as his loyal lieutenants who were free to use their government jobs to launch political attacks and who never attempted to separate politics from their jobs in public service,” Cortes said.

Kelly’s attorney, Michael Critchley, is scheduled to make his closing arguments on Monday. Jurors are expected to begin their deliberations Tuesday.

Baroni and Kelly are accused of conspiring to reduce access to the bridge in Fort Lee to punish the borough’s mayor for not endorsing Christie’s reelection. The pair, both 44, are charged with conspiracy, fraud and violating the civil rights of Fort Lee residents to travel freely.

Although Wildstein admitted to being the mastermind of the plan, he told the court that he was knowingly aided by Kelly and Baroni.
That is all - fingers crossed!!!

Initech where are my Top 10 Conservative Idiots?

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