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Member since: Fri Oct 29, 2004, 06:05 PM
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John Gotti (the grandson) arrested in FBI sting for prescription drugs in Queens

Also 30 plus arrested in mafia round-up related to Medicare fraud ring.

Happy Birthday President Obama

I do like you - Obama is 55 today

Tiny Hands Don the Con


Trump denounced by Republican congressman who served in Iraq

A Republican congressman who is a veteran of the Iraq war has said he cannot support Donald Trump in the wake of the presidential nominee’s ongoing feud with the parents of an American soldier.

“I don’t see how I get to Donald Trump anymore,” Rep Adam Kinzingersaid in an interview with CNN on Wednesday. “Donald Trump for me is beginning to cross a lot of red lines of the unforgivable in politics.”
Donald Trump insists campaign is greater than ever as Republicans plot 'intervention'
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Kinzinger had yet to endorse Trump but said he had been hoping to be persuaded following the Republican convention in Cleveland, where the reality TV star formally accepted the party’s nomination for president.
Kinzinger said he was instead dismayed to find Trump berating Khizr and Ghazala Khan, whose son Captain Humayun Khan died in Iraq. The soldier’s father spoke out against Trump at the Democratic convention and in subsequent interviews.

Kinzinger, whose district Trump carried in the Illinois Republican primary in March, said he would not support Clinton nor tell voters how to cast their ballots. But he simply could not back a nominee who “throws all these Republican principles on their head”.

What fugging ReTHUG principles?

Cat1 Hurricane Earl will hit Belize late tonight or early tomorrow

Stay safe folks


In a little while folks will tear the name Trump

off their businesses.

Joe Scum just said that Don the Con is a Democrat who is throwing the election to

Hillary and destroying the ReTHUG party in the process. Who enabled DOn the Con more than JoeScum and Mica?

The purple heart was a copy

and Don the Con was told that before he got up on stage and said it was original.


Raving lunatic does not quite capture this pathological LIAR

U.S. Donald Trump's Many Business Failures, Explained

“If [Indian gaming] continues as a threat, it is my opinion that it will blow. It will blow sky high. It will be the biggest scandal ever or one of the biggest scandals since Al Capone,” Trump said. “That an Indian chief is going to tell [mobster] Joey Killer to please get off his reservation is almost unbelievable to me.”

His words were, as is so often the case, incendiary. Lawmakers, latching onto his claim to know more than law enforcement about ongoing criminal activity at Indian casinos, challenged Trump to bring his information to the FBI. One attacked Trump’s argument as the most “irresponsible testimony” he had ever heard. Connecticut Governor Lowell Weicker Jr., whom Trump had praised in his testimony, responded by calling him a “dirtbag” and a bigot; Trump immediately changed his mind about the governor, proclaiming Weicker to be a “fat slob who couldn't get elected dog catcher in Connecticut.”

For opponents of Trump’s presidential run, this contretemps about American Indians might seem like a distant but familiar echo of the racism charges that have dogged his campaign, including his repeated taunting of Senator Elizabeth Warren as “Pocahontas” because she claims native ancestry. But, in this case, there was more to it than that: Trump, through his offensive tantrum, was throwing away financial opportunities, yet another reminder that, for all his boasting of his acumen and flaunting of his wealth, the self-proclaimed billionaire has often been a lousy businessman.

As Trump was denigrating Native Americans before Congress, other casino magnates were striking management agreements with them. Trump knew the business was there even when he was testifying; despite denying under oath that he had ever tried to arrange deals with Indian casinos, he had done just that a few months earlier, according to an affidavit from Richard Milanovich, the official from the Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians who met with Trump, letters from the Trump Organization and phone records. The deal for the Agua Caliente casino instead went to Caesars World. (In 2000, Trump won a contract to manage the casino for the Twenty-Nine Palms Band of Mission Indians, but after Trump Hotels and Casino Resorts declared bankruptcy in 2004, the tribe paid Trump $6 million to go away.) And in his purposeless, false and inflammatory statements before Congress, Trump alienated politicians from around the country, including some who had the power to influence construction contracts—problems that could have been avoided if he had simply read his prepared speech rather than ad-libbing.

Lost contracts, bankruptcies, defaults, deceptions and indifference to investors—Trump’s business career is a long, long list of such troubles, according to regulatory, corporate and court records, as well as sworn testimony and government investigative reports. Call it the art of the bad deal, one created by the arrogance and recklessness of a businessman whose main talent is self-promotion.

Obama will

fuck you up!!! Ask Don the Con! Watching Rachel!
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