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Member since: Fri Oct 29, 2004, 06:05 PM
Number of posts: 235,688

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I think Bernie will concede later today in that speech

Just a feeling

How many of you know that Congresswoman Jackie Speier

was left for dead in that Jonestown Massacre in Guyana.

Back to CSpan - DOnald Trump is a con man

- a scam artist - Joseph Crowley (Queens)

I'm loving it

JoeScum has returned to normal

He really believes a single Bernie supporter would vote for Don the Con

What happens when a gun lobby refers to the elected representatives

as criminals and terrorists for participating in a sit-in?

They must be widely condemned.

Just an observation

The Reagan Revolution was buried with Scalia - the worm has turned. Watching them defend Don the Con is not helping them either. Heart attacks are coming and strokes too - ReTHUG stress is palpable.

Yes it will take time to see some of the changes but this was a significant victory and the demands for gun regulations are not going away.

Back to the Dem feed on both CSpan and GEM$NBComcast

Every network should be carrying John Lewis

These corporate fuggers have so sense of history or a man or woman's genuine worth - I detest them

If you can watch on CSpan on line or via TV

Facebook is being overloaded and freezing - I'm betting this is the biggest test ever for Periscope

What's going on in the House is HUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGE! #NoBIllNoBreak

Should be on every cable news and network channel

Pelosi told the Speaker to turn on the microphone NOW so she can read Gabby Giffords letter


No Re[bTHUG Action

on CSpan1 now - Grayson up
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