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Islanders forcibly evicted to make way for US base in Indian Ocean

Chagos islanders, forcibly removed from their homes in 1971, have lost a legal challenge at the supreme court that could have speeded up their return.

In a majority ruling, justices at the UK’s highest court said disclosure of Foreign Office documents assessing a feasibility report on the Chagossians’ return would not have altered the outcome of a House of Lords judgment in 2008.

In 2004, the Chagossians’ right of abode on the British Indian Ocean Territory was denied partially on the basis of a feasibility study suggesting settlement would be prohibitively expensive. An assessment of the drafting of this study, which lawyers for the Chagossians say cast doubt on it, was not presented to the original House of Lords court hearing.

Delivering Wednesday’s judgment, Lord Mance said there was “no probability” that a court would have, if it had seen the papers, made a different decision.

About 1,500 islanders had been removed in 1971 to make way for the US base on Diego Garcia, the largest island. Under a deal, kept secret at the time, the US agreed to contribute to the costs of establishing the bases and waive the UK’s payments for joint missile development programmes.

A more recent feasibility study by the Foreign Office, carried out in 2014-15, concluded that resettlement was feasible on the islands if Diego Garcia was included.

A further legal challenge by Chagos Islanders over their loss of fishing rights in the Indian Ocean is expected to reach the supreme court next year.

Don the Con says something is going on with regard to the attack

on the Istanbul airport?

Please tell him what's going on

Bush and Cheney really fugged up the Middle East

36 dead and the numbers are climbing

You cannot invade, occupy and bomb and not expect retaliation from people in those countries.

Stop the for profit wars.

SO now M$Greedia will show you the moment of the explosion

over and over and over and over so you are scared to death.

The ReTHUG Benghazi Report

What a fugging expensive flop - that is all!

Bernie is on Andrea Mitchell now n/t

There's going to be a bloodbath in Cleveland

It will be the battle of ReTHUG nutters.
I'm stocking up on snacks

So one channel is advertising

Viagra single packs. I switch - another is advertising Chantix. This is followed by an ad from the lawyers suing the makers of Invokana which said station advertised earlier.

The corporate media is one big Marketing firm for big pharma - it's for profit business with not one iota of responsibility

Prediction- Wendy Davis will be Governor of Texas one of these days

She whipped their sorry asses.
She also showed Dems how to deal with them.
That was a major victory today.

Psssssssssssssssssst Thank you Iceland

for sending England packing from the Euro Cup 2-1

That was a stunning upset
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