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FSogol's Journal
FSogol's Journal
December 18, 2020

VP Mike Pence got the vaccine and said, "I didn't feel a thing." The self-professed Christian also

didn't feel a thing when his administration:

* forcibly separated children from their parents at the border with no plan to reunite them

* ignored a pandemic that killed 311,000 Americans (and counting)

* encouraged violence in the streets

* ignored gun violence

* spread hatred

* lied about everything at every opportunity

December 4, 2020

A family got a racist note after putting up a Black Santa. Soon, neighbors began displaying their

own black Santas.

From Sydney Page at the Washington Post

Chris Kennedy and his 4-year-old daughter, Emily, adorned their front lawn in North Little Rock, Ark., with Christmas decorations in early November, as they do every year.

They strung twinkly white lights along the rim of their home and stationed an inflatable Christmas tree and a towering Black Santa on the lawn, next to a colorful, illuminated sign that reads, “JOY.”

The spirited Christmas display, which the Kennedys have showcased for the last few holiday seasons, had only been met with cheer in their neighborhood of Lakewood, Kennedy said.

That changed Nov. 23, when Kennedy, 33, checked his mailbox and was stunned to find an anonymous, racist letter attacking the seven-foot Black Santa on his lawn. “Please remove your negro Santa Claus yard decoration,” the letter, signed “Santa Claus,” demanded. “You should try not to deceive children into believing that I am negro. I am a caucasian (white man, to you) and have been for the past 600 years. Your being jealous of my race is no excuse for your dishonesty. Besides that, you are making yourself the laughing stock of the neighborhood. Obviously, your values are not that of the Lakewood area and maybe you should move to a neighborhood out east with the rest of your racist kind.”

Rest of the story here:


TLDNR version: The neighbors were appalled and everyone put up black Santas as a sign of solidarity.
December 3, 2020

This morning, on my way to the office* I saw a group of 4 MAGAs near GMU waving Trump-branded

American flags and signs reading "Stop the Steal" and "Cheat, Lies, Steal."

No one paid them any attention.

The Trump branded flag was really annoying, I'm supposed to believe that they love this country and flag so much, they are willing to desecrate it? Also why do those MAGAs always look so constipated?

* I go in to the office once a week to get the mail, water plants, change paper in plotters, etc. We rotate so 1 or 2 people are always there.

November 9, 2020


Every vote for me is a beautiful, legal vote.

All votes for my opponent are terrible, illegal votes.

Any state where I am ahead should stop counting.

Any state where I am behind needs to keep counting.

Every vote for me should count.

Every vote for my opponent should not count.

We should count all the votes for me.

We should discount all the votes for my opponent.

On to the courts!

Anyone remember Goofus and Gallant from the Highlights for Children magazine? I sure am glad Gallant defeated Goofus this election.

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