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FSogol's Journal
FSogol's Journal
July 29, 2016

The Convention, a recap

Favorite moments for me?

Karla Ortiz, Michelle Obama, Martin O'Malley, Rev Willie Barber, Mr. and Mrs. Khizr Khan, Tim Kaine, Lupe Valdez, Sarah McBride

So many great speakers. So many issues highlighted with a positive message and actual plans to move the country forward. Amazingly well done, kudos to HRC and the DNC.

No one who tries to claim that both parties are the same can be taken seriously.

GOTV, DU. This is just the start.

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July 28, 2016

"There's nothing suspicious in my tax returns, Believe Me!"

- Tim Kaine ripping on Trumpy

July 28, 2016

Rep Bobby Scott might be Kaine's replacement in the Senate.

Other choices (picked by Terry McAuliffe) are probably Rep Don Beyer and Rep Gerry Connolly.

July 27, 2016

LOL: "Donald Trumpís falsehood-laden press conference, annotated"

On Wednesday, Donald Trump held a press conference in Florida, focused largely on questions about his possible relationships with Russian business interests. True to form, the conversation ranged much more widely than that, resulting in enough misrepresentations and falsehoods that we decided to simply post the full transcript and annotate what Trump said.

Gotta read the entire nutty screed:

July 26, 2016

Cartoon, posted without comment

sorry, don't know who the cartoonist was.

July 26, 2016

"Supporters Aggravated Bernie Sanders Didnít Use DNC Speech To Get Voters To Act Against Their Own


PHILADELPHIA—In response to the Vermont senator calling upon all Democrats to come together to assure the party’s victory in the presidential election this November, thousands of Bernie Sanders supporters were reportedly left deeply aggravated Monday after he didn’t use his Democratic National Convention speech to encourage voters to act against their own self-interest. “I just don’t understand why he didn’t go up there, be honest about everything that’s wrong with this election, and tell us all to take an action that would inflict deep and lasting harm on ourselves by reversing the policies and values we’ve been pushing so hard to expand,” said Kyle Jorgenson, echoing the sentiment of numerous angry supporters who hoped, especially after the recent leak of emails revealing the Democratic National Committee’s bias against Sanders, that the candidate would urge them to approach this year’s election in a way that would result in the immediate erosion of so much of what they believe in and hold dear. “He really should have taken a stand and declared that if the Democrats aren’t willing to nominate a true progressive, then we should all engage in behavior that ultimately serves to benefit a candidate diametrically opposed to those ideals. I can’t believe he would drop the ball on encouraging us to completely disregard the kind of world we’ll be forced to live in for the next four to eight years and instead act out in shortsighted petulance.” Irritated supporters then called upon those who still believed in progressivism to take the necessary measures to set back society for decades to come.


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