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Profile Information

Gender: Male
Hometown: Northern VA
Member since: Fri Oct 29, 2004, 10:34 AM
Number of posts: 40,384

About Me

I've been a member of DU for over 14 years, but now it is time for me to check out. The glee people on this site took over bashing Gov Northam is too much. EW Jackson, VA's version of a RW troll is being respected and his options considered while the Gov who expanded medicare to 800,000 citizens of my state (including an adult son) is bashed over a 35-year old indiscretion. I see DU as being infected by RW trolls and ratfuckers while the admins are largely absent. See 2016 if you don't believe me. While Northam was being bashed, threads appeared bashing Harris (she took a hard stance against Franken) and Booker (he's corporate) and promoted people who will never be elected in America such as Gabbard and Sanders. Their indiscretions are ignored. For what reason? Their unelectability? The members here that aren't RW trolls or ratfuckers are attempting to achieve some type of purity that will never happen due to mankind's flawed nature. People ar human and prone to mistakes. The rhetorical tools that attack people such as HRC, Franken and Northam will be turned on people like Kamala Harris and Justin Fairfax. It is only a matter of time. I refuse to help the RW and the PURE destroy people and our party. DU was a noble idea, but is a tool on the internet being used to ruin the Democratic Party, suppress the vote, and destroy decent candidates. I won't take part in this crap any longer. To my couple of friends here, so long, it was nice chatting with you. You know how to reach me if you want.

Journal Archives

"Does Trump's wife worry that she's going to end up in an underground bunker comitting a double

suicide with Donald?" - Frank Conniff


Political Talk Shows

From Zach Weinersmith of Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal

The ISIS recruitment drive in Paris was a big success. Meet the new Daesh-bags.

From Ruben Bolling's "Tom the Dancing Bug":

Pumpkin/Squash. Look at these photos. Are these types edible?

Can they be turned into pumpkin cookies, pumpkin bread, etc.


"Profiles in Cowardice!" from Brian McFadden

Anatomy of the Holdiays from John Atkinson's "Wrong Hands"

I went to Target.

I bought some cat food for the ferals and some eggs. Should I be worried?

Tom Toles on Syrian Refugees


Kudos Mr. Toles. Keep up the good work.

"You know, we're still almost a whole year away from the Presidential election..."

From Darrin Bell's Candorville:

Man throws sandwich at another man in Fairfax shopping center parking lot and flees

A 32-year-old New Jersey man was arrested after he allegedly threw a sandwich at another man in Fairfax.

It was not immediately known what kind of a sandwich was involved or why it was thrown.

No one was injured.

The incident happened Sunday around 9 p.m. in a parking lot of a shopping center in the 10100 block of Fairfax Boulevard. A 50-year-old Dunn Loring man told police in Fairfax that another man threw a sandwich at him and then fled in a vehicle.

The exciting conclusion to this gripping story can be found at:

Do I see a Pulitzer in Washington Post writer, Dana Hedgpeth's future?

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