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FSogol's Journal
FSogol's Journal
October 31, 2013

10 Halloween Candies That Will Make You a TP Target

From Washingtonian Magazine's Jessica Voelker

Treats to avoid unless you like your trees strewn with toilet paper.

It happens every year. You spend October worrying about flu shots and upcoming Thanksgiving traumas, and all of the sudden the guy on NPR reminds you that a bunch of little kids are going to come by tonight demanding candy. Or maybe you’re a parent trying to forget the fact that your precious offspring is about to get a sugar stash so large he’ll spend the next few weeks as high as a script writer for Sean Saves the World.

This year, don’t let trick-or-treat night sneak up on you lest you end up with a Halloween offering so offensive you become a prime target for neighborhood marauders. Here are ten candies to avoid if you also want to avoid toilet paper, silly string, and—worst of all—the dreaded rotten egg.

10) Raisins

You should know this by now. Handing out those little red boxes is akin to begging some neighborhood punk to write “hippie” on your windshield with soap. Just don’t do it.

9) Actually, any kind of dried fruit (or vegetables)

I know, I know. Your kids Skyler and Moonshine loooooove wrinkly dates and don’t care where wasps like to lay their eggs. Come down to earth for a second and look around, though—the child in the Scorch Supernova costume does not want banana chips.

Whole list here:

October 31, 2013

Va. AG candidate Mark Obenshain is Cuccinelli’s clone

From today's Washington Post editorial staff:

THE 30-SECOND television spot on behalf of Virginia state Sen. Mark D. Obenshain, the Republican candidate for attorney general, starts and ends with his daughter, Tucker, telling Virginians that “Dad will .?.?. grow our economy with new jobs” and “voted for policies that have created thousands of jobs.” If only.

In fact, this year Mr. Obenshain voted against the state’s most critical jobs-creating legislation in decades — the landmark transportation bill that will pump billions of dollars into upgrading Virginia’s rapidly failing transportation network, which stood at the brink of bankruptcy. Every significant business organization in the state backed the bill, which was signed by the Republican governor.

Mr. Obenshain’s vote mirrored the position of the man he hopes to succeed and emulate: Ken Cuccinelli II, the current attorney general and GOP candidate for governor. With Mr. Cuccinelli trailing badly in the polls, along with the embarrassing Republican candidate for lieutenant governor, E.W. Jackson, party leaders have braced for a crushing defeat.


Outrageously, Mr. Obenshain sought to force women to report miscarriages to the authorities. His explanation — that he was doing the bidding of a prosecutor who sought to protect newborn babies and that he withdrew the bill when he grasped its flaws — casts doubt on his basic legal competence and qualification for the office he now seeks.

Whole editorial here:


GOTV, VA. Not voting can put this clown in office.

October 26, 2013


From Jim Morin of the Miami Herald

October 25, 2013

Good advice

Street art (heh) from Plastic Jesus in Los Angeles.

October 24, 2013

A Template for Journalists and Pundits Discussing Wendy Davis’ Political Solvency

by Andrea Grimes, Senior Political Reporter, RH Reality Check

"Bold—but politely negative—statement about the political solvency of a Wendy Davis gubernatorial campaign. Reiteration of good intentions, but declaration of unusually brave and unbridled honesty forthcoming about the certain failure of Wendy Davis, a woman political person who mainly focuses on woman political things, like abortions and abortions.

Acknowledgment that Wendy Davis is both physically and politically attractive, however abortions. Pricey running shoes and abortions. Mention of boots, because Texas. Condescending nod to people who believe Wendy Davis has a viable chance at winning the Texas governorship, but declaration of the veracity of the author’s singularly noteworthy ability to perceive political reality, in which the electoral landscape in Texas conveniently reflects author’s worldview. Curious absence of evidence that author has ever stepped foot in Texas."

"Nevertheless, setting of the scene with cowboys, football, and cowboys playing football in demonstration of deep historico-political understanding of the Lone Star State, which it must be noted, is the insider nickname for Texas, because mavericks. Comparison of Wendy Davis to a maverick. A maverick who abortions."


"Because, laundry list of things a Democrat would have to have to win a statewide office in Texas, according to brief perusal of the “politics” category on Texas’ Wikipedia page or a conversation with someone on Twitter who overuses the hashtag #TCOT. Observation that Wendy Davis has none of these things, because abortions. Credulous citation of research conducted by the Texas Public Policy Foundation, Empower Texans, or the Family Research Council."

Whole template here:


October 21, 2013

Pope Francis Selling His Harley To Raise Money For Homeless

"ROME (CBSDC) — The pope is selling his hog.

The National Catholic Register reports that Pope Francis is selling his Harley-Davidson motorcycle to raise money to help the homeless in Rome.

“It is a precious gift that has once again made us happy in feeling the closeness of our bishop to the poor of the Church of Rome,” Monsignor Enrico Feroci, director of Caritas Rome, said. “We are deeply grateful to Pope Francis for this.”"

First heard this on Conan O'Brien, but turns out to be true.

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