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We are going to get there

Today I volunteered at a vaccination sight. We vaccinated 1100 human beings from all walks of life, mostly older folks of course but some younger like first responders. All kinds of people. At least one ww2 veteran. So many men, black and white who were vietnam veterans. So many loving families, wives driving their husbands and husbands driving wives, so many children and grand children bringing their loved ones. Single people. A notable number of Asian kids driving their grandparents. Different backgrounds and languages and car stickers all over the map and everyone just wanting to take care of them and make it ok.

Listen there were some heart breakers who couldn't get the vaccine themselves because they were a year too young and so on, and that sucked. But I came away feeling more hope than I've felt in a while. Yes we need more vaccine and we need it faster. But we will make it. We are good people in this country. We still are, we really still are. We are going to get through this and we are going to make it.
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