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My Southern Heritage

I tapped this out on my phone earlier in reply to the thread here:

I was asked to repost as a thread, and since I am never asked that I had to jump on it. I will try to edit and fix it some from my poor phone-taps.

The whole "My great grandpappy never owned slaves and fought to protect his home from invaders" thing drives me nuts.

First of all, the Confederates started it.

Second of all, that great grandpappy was duped by aristocrats to fight their war for them. To keep them getting richer. Off the backs of slaves. Great grandpappy was used. Not to mention the conscription. That flag represents great grandpappy being sent to hell to fight for rich people. And a lot of men being killed for it. Because he was too stupid to know better. If the folks who say this had any sense they would hate that flag more than anyone. I could understand some one born rich, because they inherited the wealth built by slave labor, of feeling fond of that flag. However, the whole "my people never owned slaves" thing is pure stupidity. It is just an attempt to bolster a claim that the flag doesn't represent racism. And it is a very weak excuse.

This is the thing i want to say to those people: I had ancestors in the 1st Tennessee Infantry, that was a Union regiment, and the 2nd and 8th Kentucky Cavalry, also Union regiments. They kicked your backwards great grandpappy's ass then went to the plantation house and brought back the silver flatware that we still bring out at Thanksgiving. Your great grandpappy didn't have to fight for the confederacy, well unless he was conscripted. And he probably was. He probably wanted to run and hide in the mountains. He probably cried himself to sleep at night. He probably saw things that none of us should ever see and did things none of us should ever do. Because he was foolish enough to believe the propaganda of rich plantation owners.

So what makes your "southern heritage" more valid than mine? How dare you disparage my ancestors who fought to defend their home and nation by seeking out loyal Union regiments, and my family and ancestors that fought in two world wars, Vietnam and Korea and the civil rights movement by flying a flag of treason? You don't get to own the definition of southern.

I made this picture five years ago and I'll dust it off today:
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