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This is a heart breaking story

I don't want to put a damper on anyone's day, so please only read if you are ready for a heart breaking story.

This shows how important the need is to protect the rights of gay and lesbian families.

They painted the walls in two small rooms. Black and orange for the little boys. Mint green for the girl. They pasted stickers of motorcycles and butterflies. They bought a rubber ducky for the bathtub.

And they promised each other that they would give the children all they could, kisses after bedtime stories and toys to unwrap on Christmas morning and warm arms when the past, the nightmares, crept into their little minds.

In the northernmost part of Georgia, Candice Dean and Jamie Chambliss knew that people would reflect on their Bibles when they saw them — two women in love — and scorn. But they assumed that churchgoers would turn a blind eye for the sake of the children.

Now the doors to the children’s rooms stay closed. Toys gather dust. Pictures are hidden away.

The full story is here: http://projects.timesfreepress.com/2014/11/emptyarms/index.html

Just for context, to help understand the community setting, here is a story some may remember from five years ago:
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