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Member since: Thu Oct 28, 2004, 11:27 AM
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halfway decent human being quiz

1. Imagine that you are driving in a car and you strike a motorcycle from behind. After stopping your car and surveying the scene for a few seconds, do you

A. call 911
B. get out to see if the motorcyclist needs assistance
C. remain at the scene of the accident
D. drive over the motorcyclist and speed away from the scene of the accident

2. Imagine that you are with a group of friends riding motorcycles, and one of your friends is struck behind by a range rover. The driver stops, then runs over your friend and speeds away. Do you
A. call 911
B. make sure some friends remain with the injured motorcyclist
C. follow the driver to ensure his location is known
D. pull the driver out of the vehicle and beat him in a vigilante mob

If you answer D. to either question, you fail.
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