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According to Wikipedia, the gunman did not support Trump. He . . .

"...opposed Donald Trump and supported both Elizabeth Warren and socialism."

Wikipedia also indicated that "During the day, police and the FBI began searching the shooter's home and found writings that showed interest in killing people. A preliminary assessment of the writings indicated no racial or political motive."

But . . . sad to say . . . some news reports seem to be salivating over the fact that the shooter ---Connor Stephen Betts---was a registered Democrat!


Putin Denies Mitch McConnell is Russian Asset:

Putin Denies Mitch McConnell Is Russian Asset:
“He Has Never Been an Asset to Any Country"

MOSCOW (The Borowitz Report)—Pushing back against charges that Senator Mitch McConnell is a Russian asset, the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, said on Tuesday that McConnell “has never been an asset to any country.”

“You can scour the four corners of the globe, and you will not find a nation that would ever in a million years consider Mitch McConnell an asset,” Putin said.

< snip >


Prayer request for daughter undergoing surgery this morning.


Please pray for my daughter, Pamela Anne Gariety, who will be undergoing a right translabyrinthe resection for acoustic neuroma cranial surgery this morning . . . meaning a complete loss of hearing in her right ear due to a tumor that must be removed. Please pray for God to direct the surgeon's hands . . . and that Pam make a speedy recovery and successful rehabilitation.

Thank you . . . and God bless you all.

Edited to add:

UPDATE --- 4:50 p.m.

Surgery went well. The benign acoustic neuroma has been removed. Pam is in ICU and recovery is beginning! Thanks so much for all of the prayers and support!

UPDATE: Monday morning -- July 1st

Pam was out of ICU late last night; and, later today, she'll be coming home.

Thank you all for your prayers . . . and praise God!

Anthony Bourdain --- Parts Unknown --- West Virginia

A bow and a curtsey and (**blush**) . . .

I must leave the stage in a rush
with a "Thank you!" . . . that's all . . .
there'll be no curtain-call . . .
I am late for a date with my crush.

Letter from Limerick


Dear Minerva Luscinia,

Enticed by the groan of the sax,
did wypipo virgins relax
and dance in the nude
entranced by the mood
of the Blues invented by blacks?


"Who's Your Daddy?!

Wypipo Advice Your Mama Forgot to Give

Don't botch your career as a comic:
Don't joke of the brothers "Islamic";
Don't yoke them with "ape"
And hope to escape:
It's unfunny and uneconomic!

Another ---

A Theory of Devolution: Another Look at Victimhood

To earn every nickel and ducat---
and not have a list or a bucket
as a wypipo ape---
you made your escape
from Darwinian pimps and Nantucket.


Privileged & Homeless Vet

I'll sleep on a bench at the depot
if nobody nudges my ego
by raising a fuss
till we're under the bus
with all of the unwoke wypipo.

(Title changed after sleeping on it.)

Too Many Hours on the Internet? (A message to myself.)

Too Many Hours on the Internet?

Won't you ever learn it's time to quit
poking around in other people's shit
hoping---again?!---to spot a pearl or two
of undigested wisdom? Shame on you!

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