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So, what's next for Gingrich? A premature VP announcement by Santorum?

The facts are his bid for the Republican nomination is toast...again. Will he quietly accept that he's a worse choice to Republicans for the job than either Romney or Santorum, (You know that has got to sting!) and step aside?

South’s One-Two Punch a Heavy Blow to Gingrich

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — Hoping for one more rebirth, Newt Gingrich was bitterly disappointed on Tuesday, losing two primaries in the South, where he had staked his claim, and he will find it increasingly difficult to argue that he is the candidate Republicans are seeking in 2012.

With Rick Santorum triumphant in Alabama and Mississippi, Mr. Gingrich is likely to be further marginalized and face rising calls from conservatives to step aside and give Mr. Santorum an unimpeded shot at Mitt Romney.


“He can either be a kingmaker or a spoiler,” he added. “If Gingrich were to withdraw, then I think the odds strongly favor Santorum to get the nomination, because the Republican Party is a conservative party.”

More: http://www.nytimes.com/2012/03/14/us/politics/alabama-and-mississippi-deal-blow-to-gingrich.html

Or will he stay in the game unless/until he manages to extract a public statement from Santorum offering him the VP spot if he wins the nomination?

Gingrich opens door to teaming up with Santorum?

(CNN) - As Newt Gingrich competes with Rick Santorum for the conservative vote in the Deep South this week, the former House speaker said Tuesday he wouldn't be surprised if the two forces eventually paired up.

"There's a certain advantage I think right now in having both of us tag-team Romney, because neither one of us by ourselves can raise the money to match Romney," Gingrich said on the "Rick and Bubba" radio show.

Gingrich made the comments hours before polls close in Alabama and Mississippi, two states in which the former House speaker is statistically tied with rival Mitt Romney, with Santorum following not far behind in third place.

On the radio show, Gingrich credited Romney's strong delegate advantage to major fundraising hauls.

"With Rick and me together, we are really slowing (Romney) down and with some help, frankly, from Ron Paul," he said. "I think the country is sort of saying, the majority are saying 'not Romney.' The biggest block is saying Romney, but it's not a big enough block to be the majority."

Newt's actually has a bit of pull here. It would be in Santorum's better interest if Newt were out of the race, and it's not as if Newt has any future political career he needs to be worried about damaging by staying in until the bitter end, no matter the damage it does.

Posted by Lone_Star_Dem | Wed Mar 14, 2012, 12:43 AM (4 replies)
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