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Gender: Male
Hometown: Somewhere/Pennsylvania
Home country: United States
Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 04:29 PM
Number of posts: 14,399

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Virgil Goode Stays On Virginia Ballot

Ken Cuccinelli, the puke Attorney General in Virginia has said that Goode has enough valid signatures to stay on the ballot. The news sneaked by me on the weekly Friday news dump. You can bet the the pukes are tossing good ol' Ken under the bus pretty badly right now. It couldn't happen to a nicer asshole IMO.

Even though Romney and buddies have been pressuring him to boot Goode for any reason he decided to actually allow him to stay.


I was so sure that Cuccinelli would disqualify Goode for a spitting on the sidewalk citation back in high school that I bet a friend of mine a 1.5L bottle of Woodford Reserve Bourbon.

I lost the bet now I can only hope he lets me celebrate the Obama win in November with some WR Manhattans because I won't be able to buy my own Bourbon for awhile, that shit ain't cheap.

Mittster boxed himself in nicely now

He comes out with an ill-timed, idiotic comment last night way too early and then is surprised when it makes him look like a total buffoon. This morning he doubles down on the idiotic comment to the baffled stares of the press corps following his campaign around.

Why I think he's nicely boxed in:

He knows the comment was stupid, I'm sure someone with a bit of a sense of foreign policy has told him or more likely one of his butlers the reality of it but...

If he actually admitted that his first comment was the ill-timed bit of idiocy that it was he might be able to save a bit of face with the normals but most of them/us have already written him off as a fucking moron and foreign policy dilettante anyway. Actually saying "oops" though would enrage the wacko brigade that is the far right and who feed on anything that makes Obama look bad.

The far right wacko brigade that makes up the majority of the Republican party these days is the only thing keeping Romney in the game at all. If he pisses them off by admitting that an attack on Obama was wrong they're going to stay home and wax one of the cars on their front lawn downing Busch Lite instead of voting in November because they don't really trust his magic underwear religion in any case. That would hurt the down ballot far right Republicans that are the only hope for the party at this point and that's why you're seeing Mitch, the turtle, McConnell and John, the oompa-loompa, Boehner not too happy with him right now.

I love the smell of desperation coming off Romney, it's just as rank as that from McLame/Mooselini in 2008 when they "suspended" the campaign to work on the financial crisis.

Keep up the good work Mitt you fucking asshole.
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