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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 02:47 AM
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Friends From Minnesota Visited Us Over The Last Few Days Here In The Chicago Area......

They had tickets to concerts that were cancelled last year due to the pandemic and were recently rescheduled.

We told them that they needed to have their vaccine cards as proof of being vaccinated to enter into these events and they needed to mask up as well.

They went to two venues - one at Wrigley Field and the other at Tinley Park.

I was appalled by their feedback.

They said neither one of the venues asked to see proof of vaccination and neither one made it a requirement that they needed to be masked.

Entering both events - only their event tickets were checked - nothing else. No pandemic related checks and no passing through any types of airport style detectors.

I was totally surprised in hearing this as I thought that Illinois was doing a good job at minimizing 'super spreader' events.

I'm getting more and more frightened at the attitude of people in general about this pandemic and the delta variants and related spike in cases, hospitalizations and deaths.

It's almost like people don't care anymore and are willing to risk everything to give them some semblance of normalcy in their lives.

I know that I'm doing everything I could to protect myself - but its the other people that you have to worry about.

I'm beginning to look at it like - everyone is out to get/kill me. It's like Russian Roulette out there now. We're in the Covid Casino and we're gambling with our lives.


We Need To Counter "The Big Lie" With "The Big Truth".....

We all know that "The Big Lie" is just that - a lie. The 2020 election was not stolen. It is a figment of TFG's & Repugs imagination. They made it up. It didn't happen.

Now I believe that the Dems need to counter 'the big lie' with "The Big Truth".

The Big Truth can be based on fact and actual goings on in the States around this country that are modifying laws to allow them to cheat with all sorts of voter suppression activities, gerrymandering and voter purges.

We don't have to lie. We just tell the truth about what TFG & the Repugs have up their sleeve and back it up with the facts. The 'truth' and the 'facts" are our saving grace.

The Repugs can't counter with any facts surrounding "The Big Lie" they are perpetrating. They don't have any facts to back up their 'big lie'.

We can show in black and white exactly how the Repugs are rigging the voting system and elections so that they - in fact - can steal the election. We can point out the States that are doing the rigging. We can pinpoint the gerrymandering that they are doing. We can illustrate just what the Repugs have up their sleeves. The Repugs have no counter to the truth. They can't handle "The Big Truth".

If we mount a major "The Big Truth" campaign. Yes - label it like the Repugs labelled 'the big lie' - and I really believe that we can get the majority of the American Electorate to understand and call out the Repugs and see them for what they are.

Such a campaign needs to be as relentless as their 'big lie' campaign. And we must use the tag line of "The Big Truth" as much as we can in order for it to sink in. We need to make the tagline "The Big Truth" as ubiquitous as the Repugs made "The Big Lie".

I know we are the ones that call it "The Big Lie". That term is so ingrained in the minds of the American People now because the Repugs & TFG keep the lie alive every chance they get. We Dems need to use the same tactic to make "The Big Truth" as ubiquitous.

We need to turn "The Big Lie" into "The Big Truth".

The Covid Casino.....

You bet your life.

It's really bothering me that healthcare office businesses (like - i.e., doctors offices, dental offices, optical offices, clinics, hospitals, etc) are wanting people/patients to take precautions and sign waivers to not hold them responsible if you contract Covide in their care.

And at the same time - they refuse to tell you if all their employees are vaccinated and that they are going out of their way to protect their patients.

These are healthcare practitioners. They undertook their professions to help and care for people and now they are not willing to take responsibility for their so-called care.

I'm calling this the Covid Casino as everyday now with every move we make - we have to take our lives into our hands because other people won't do the right thing and get vaxxed.

I'm sitting here now trying to make a decision if I want to keep my dental appointment at an office that can't and won't tell me if all their people are vaccinated. They are hiding behind HIPPA Law.

I don't think HIPAA Law was created to let healthcare practitioners be able to hide behind it an potentially put their patients in peril.

This pandemic has created another layer of worry every time you decide to leave your house and put yourself in the hands of people that don't care enough about others to do the right thing.

I've Been Having A Hard Time Watching MSNBC As Of Late....

I don't know if I'm just catching watching them at the wrong time - but it looks to me that they are going out of their way to cast blame on Biden or the handling of the evacuation of Afghanistan.

In fact - most of what I'm catching in the MSM seems to take relish on the fact that Biden's poll numbers are dropping because of his handling of this Afghan mess that Trump left him with and also the rise in Covid based on the Delta variant and the fact that Repug's are working against the administrations efforts in dealing with Covid - encouraging anti-maskers and anti-vaxxers.

I'm totally fed up with the news coverage as of late. They are just not treating Biden fairly.

What I really appreciate about Biden and his administration is that they have been very visible, vocal and informative in both cases - the Afghan evacuation and the surge in Covid.

They seem to be going out of their way to keep us informed with the facts. All these so-called talking head experts are always taking unfair shots at Biden.

Touched A Nerve When I Called A Dental Office Today.....

My dentist referred me to a specialist to have them perform a tooth extraction.

I called their office today to find out what cautions they are taking with respect this pandemic.

The lady I talked to indicated everyone has to wear a mask. All patients temps will be taken when they arrive at the practice. They have the waiting room arranged so that patients could properly social distance.

I guess I pushed thing too far when I asked if all the personnel at their dental practice were vaccinated. I was told some are and some aren't - just like what's going on outside their office.

I explained to this lady that I'm 73y/o and consider myself high risk. I'm vaccinated but I'm concerned with breakthrough positive Covid.

I immediately sensed a coldness in this lady's voice - like I was threading into territory that I shouldn't be.

Is it too much to ask that employees of a dental office practice all be vaccinated - especially when they are dealing with open mouth tooth extractions?

Did I overstep my bounds?

Did Afghanistan Have Anything To Do With The Collapse Of The Soviet Union?.....

Wasn't Russia/Soviet Union heavily involved in Afghanistan at the time of its collapse?

I Have A Really Stupid Question About The Taliban's Clothes/Garb/Outfits......

Their garb looks heavy and overly warm and all the pictures I see of the Taliban - their clothes look like they were just laundered and clean.

How do they keep their garb clean - given the terrain in Afghanistan? Do they carry around a number of outfits with them? Are their laundromats available for their use?

I said - this is a stupid question but it's something that has bugged me for a long time.

I Made An Apple Pie Hot Dog Last Night....

Ever since the Field Of Dreams game I've had this craving to eat an Apple Pie Hot Dog.

So yesterday I gathered the fixin's for it and put one together.

My challenge was making the 'bacon jam'. I failed with my first attempt and it smoked out my kitchen as I guess I had the heat turned up too much. The resultant concoction hardened in my pan and it had to be scraped and scrubbed in order to recover the pan.

My second attempt at the 'bacon jam' was done more gingerly and it came out great. The trick is to keep the heat real low and keep stirring until it come together in a syrupy consistency.

So with the 'bacon jam' complete - the rest was easy.

So my attempt at the Apple Pie Hot Dog even if it didn't look as elegant as Guy's - it did taste good. It satisfied my craving and I'll make it again - next time - I'll make a whole batch.

I Bought A Microsoft Surface 7 Around Dec 2019 & Determined To Learn How To Use It I.....

purchased an in-store one-on-one learning package for $100+. I was able to make 3 sessions at the Microsoft Store at the Woodfield Mall in Schaumburg, IL before the pandemic hit. They were very helpful - but as everywhere - they shut down the store operations because of Covid pandemic.

I was counting on getting back to the one-on-one learning at the store when this pandemic eased - but lo and behold - Microsoft shut down all their brick and mortar stores in the interim - and now I feel cheated. I signed up and paid for one-on-one training and they pulled the plug. I'm out $100 minus 3 sessions - with no one to ask how I get what I paid for.

Best Buy has added Microsoft sections in their stores - but when I go in to Best Buy and ask them for a Microsoft contact person - area Microsoft Manager - they say they don't have one. I can't believe that they have no interface with corporate Microsoft.

I'm wondering if anyone else here on DU has run into a similar situation and how you handled it?

Who do I contact? How do I get satisfaction? Can I get my money back if they didn't hold up their end of the deal?

I know that they'll probably say I can get info on their website - but I signed up for one-on-one training. When I'm able to ask questions as in an in-person training session - for me it's the best way for me to learn. I'm a senior citizen and a concrete learner. I don't do well with on-line training as there is no immediate feedback.

Any suggestions as to what I should do?

Any Chance That Any Of Our Allies Can Aid The U.S. In Airlifting Afghans Out Of The Country?....

Certainly the U.S. has allies. I would think that these allies have transport planes that can be utilized to aid in getting the people out of danger in Afghanistan.

Why aren't we asking them for help? Why aren't they volunteering to help us in this mission?

I would think if any of them were in a similar situation - that the U.S. would come to their aid. Shouldn't it work the other way around as well?
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