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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 02:47 AM
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IMHO - The Biggest Issue Surrounding Covid Protection Precautions Is.....

the fact that - we have 50 states and each state is creating their own rules.

It's no wonder that people are confused and fed-up with this.

This pandemic is hitting all of us and in my opinion - the U.S. Government should lay down the rules and make each state comply to them.

I think we dropped the ball on this pandemic by not having a U.S. set of rules for dealing with it.

I hope that they learned from this one - and the next pandemic is coordinated out of Washington D.C. with one set of rules for the whole country and not 50 different sets.

NOTE: I had to run some errands and just came home from them. I went to 3 stores and was surprised that the majority of the people shopping were not wearing a mask.

I don't know if they just aren't tuned into what is going on with the 'delta variant' cause I don't think they realize the seriousness of this variant.

I actually am beginning to feel sorry for these non-maskers. There's going to be a lot of sick and dying people soon - if they ignore the warnings put out by the CDC. This 'delta variant' is really dangerous and I don't think people are treating it as such.

Has Anyone Here Been To Lalapalooza - I Want To Know How Careful They Are.....

in checking 'proof of vaccine' cards and Covid test results.

With 100,000 people attending - I just don't believe that they are taking the time to really do a thorough investigation of these items.

Also - who is doing the checking?

Pro-Life or Pro-Choice.....

What's your mask argument here? What's your vaccination argument here?

What's your abortion argument here?

Are they consistent? Or are you hypocritical?

This is what should be asked about those Repugs that are being babies about wearing a mask or being vaccinated.

The Repugs always point to Dems being political and using politics.

The Repugs are always the first to make any issue - political.

Lalapolooza In Chicago - A Super Spreader?.....

Have we not learned anything over the last year since this pandemic started?

Come-on people - we weren't born yesterday.

They say they are taking all these precautions in Chicago to protect the crowd.

Yes there will be the majority of the attendees doing what they should to protect themselves and others - BUT - we know that there will also be a substantial percentage of those attendees that will cheat the system.

Fake proof of vaccination cards are available in the Chicago Area. You can bet there will be a number of attendees that will be using those.

Also - the planners have no control as to what people do once they make it into the venue. A portion of those that walked into the venue with masks - will take them off once they are inside. There is no way for them to police the use of masks.

Holding this event - knowing what we know as to what is going on around the country with the spread of this 'delta variant' is just irresponsible.

I like Mayor Lightfoot - but she made a mistake by not cancelling or postponing this event.

This is all about money and greed. The planners of this event will say anything and risk anything to make sure that they maximize their profit.

I'm really surprised that many of the entertainers scheduled to appear at this event haven't cancelled their appearances.

This is an accident waiting to happen. I'm just amazed that we haven't learned anything over this last year about how this pandemic works.

Watch in the weeks to come - the cases, hospitalizations and deaths go up in the Chicago Area. It is so predictable.

Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda!!!

Does Anyone Think We Rushed Into Going Back To Normal For Memorial Day?.....

When many Covid restrictions were lifted to welcome in Memorial Day and the summer - I was skeptical. I thought we were rushing through to normalcy because people were getting antsy to get back to normal and businesses wanted to open to recover from their months of being down or running at 50% capacity.

July 4th wasn't too far away after that. All sorts of super spreader events held and people out in droves without masks, not social distancing and really not knowing who was vaccinated and who was not.

We were told the vaccinated didn't need to wear masks - but the non-vaccinated needed to wear their masks.

Now come on now. Do you trust anti-vaxxers to wear a mask.

Well - we knew of the threat of the 'delta variant' back then - but because it wasn't that prevalent in the U.S. - we threw caution to the wind.

And now we're getting back to where we started. Only this time - people have become more distrustful of the experts that are making the rules.

Why couldn't we just stay cautious at the start of summer and not open things up all the way like we did. We're paying for it now.

I wonder if the CDC had it to do over again - if they would have made a different decision?

There Was That Brief Moment On 1/6 When The Insurrectionists Orderly Walked Thru The.......

rope stanchions in Statuary Hall. This was at the very beginning of the riots and mayhem that ensued in and around that building that day.

What killed that moment for them was when a man, later identified as Adam Johnson of Florida, was seen carrying House Speaker Nancy Pelosiís lectern as a mob entered the U.S. Capitol Building on Jan. 6, 2021 in Washington, DC..

It was clear from that moment on that - these were not just normal tourists checking out the Capitol.

This was just a blip of time in the unraveling of the destructive events of the day.

Anybody taking these early images and saying these were just tourists - is trying real hard to provide and excuse for this obvious insurrection and attempt at a coup to stop the certification of the election.

I Learned Today That My Doctor Is Passing On To His Patients/Customers His Processing Fee He Pays...

to credit card companies.

I told him I've been using only my credit card and not using cash - because of the pandemic and didn't want to deal with dirty money or change. I was trying to keep myself safe - and now I'm being charged for that when I use my credit card.

I told him as a business man - paying the credit card processing fee is a cost of doing business and is good customer service - making things more convenient for his customers.

Now Is The Time To Float The Thought That Anyone Refusing To Testify Or Ignoring A Subpoena......

for this 1/6 commission has something to hide or somebody to protect; would most probably be guilty of breaking some law(s); and is afraid to face the American People.

They should get that thought out their now - before they start issuing subpoena's so as to force these people into a box that will prevent them from ignoring the subpoena's and the work of this commission that is trying to get to the bottom of this insurrection and prevent future insurrections.

Almost Had A Run-In With A Karen Today - But Kept My Cool And Didn't Engage....

Just finished an exam at my Dr's Office. Office rules are that everyone is required to wear a mask. I was at the front desk paying my bill when this lady about 45 - 55 y/o came in to the front desk - without a mask - and said she was there for her appointment with the Dr.

The receptionist told the lady that she needed to wear a mask and the lady replied "I don't need to. I had Covid and I have the antibodies."

Now if I was the receptionist I would have said - sorry lady - these are the office rules - you come back when you have a mask on.

Instead - she said - well we don't have a mask we can give you - and she proceeded to call on of the other office people - to escort this lady to a Guest Waiting Room.

When I heard this lady say she had Covid and has the antibodies and didn't need a mask - I made it very visible that I was upset and I deliberately move back about three more feet between us. I made sure that she saw that I did that. Now I was about 8-9 feet away from her.

Now I could have engaged her and got into it with her - and I probably should have - but in this last 18 months I've completely lost patience with and just don't trust anyone anymore. I'm becoming a old man curmudgeon.

I couldn't wait to get out of that office and back in my car.

This lady wore the fact that she had Covid and didn't need to wear a mask - like a badge of honor. She acted very proud that she was able to say that to the receptionist.

I'm sorry - if it were my business - I would have kicked this woman out.

I Want To Know What Was Discussed At Tr**p's DC Hotel - The Day(s) Before 1/6....

I seem to recall a picture of Roger Stone walking out of the hotel surrounded by what looked like body guards.

Where the plans for 1/6 being finalized then? Was Rudy there? Weren't Don Jr and Eric there as well? Who else?
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