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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 02:47 AM
Number of posts: 22,870

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Pelosi And The Dems Need To Strike Back Fast/Immediately.....

Don't pussyfoot around. Bipartisanship didn't work. Don't give them any breathing room.
Hit back immediately and put the Repugs on the defensive.

The Dems need to go it alone now.

Or the AG needs to appoint a Special Counsel to investigate.

Whichever path is taken - it can't be put on hold - it needs to move forward immediately.

The Dems, Schumer & Pelosi should have anticipated the Repugs vote today and had a contingency plan ready to go immediately after the vote for the commission failed.

I just can't understand why the Dems are not more proactive while they watch the Repugs methodically destroying our democracy.

I'll be very disappointed in the Dems if when they get back from this Memorial Day Holiday recess if they don't begin an investigation.

IMHO they should have laid out plans for such an investigation immediately today - after this vote failed. They knew that it would go down. They should have been ready.

Re: The Hacking Going On And The Breaching Of Computer Networks/Infrastructure......

by criminal foreign and domestic hackers.

I'm wondering if it is possible for our brilliant computer experts here in the U.S. to develop programs that would put in jeopardy or even destroy the hackers systems as they attacked and attempted to hack companies, agencies, businesses, systems and utilities in the future.

We have very savvy computer experts here in the U.S..

It would seem to me that they could develop programs that when incorporated into a computer system or network immediately detect attempted hacking and turn that hacking attempt around and actually destroy the hackers computer system.

Wouldn't that be a great deterrence to prevent any future hacking?

If the hackers knew that their expensive systems would be rendered useless - wouldn't that make them think twice about even trying to make the attempt to hack?

It would seem to me that an initiation of such a formal and organized undertaking (maybe even elevated to the importance of putting a man on the moon) would be the wise and judicious thing for us to pursue.

These hacking threats will only get more frequent and destructive. We need to act now and very decisively to put a stop before we get into a situation that can severely cripple us in the future. There is too much at stake.

What Time Did The Vote Go Down On The 1/6 Commission And....

how many Repugs actually voted for it?

Now That This Tr**p Grand Jury Has Been Convened - Is The Big Lie About To Get Bigger?.....

If over 50% of Repugs believe that he is still president - will he try making a deal with Vance & Co and say he'll resign the presidency if they let him go?

After all in his mind - he didn't concede the election. (sarcasm)

Question About Central Air Conditioner Outside Compressor Units.....

It cooled off considerably last night and I shut down my A/C and opened my bedroom window to take advantage of the cool fresh air.

I woke up this a.m. feeling wobbly, disoriented and nauseated.

Later this afternoon I went outside to sit on my deck and breathe in fresh air and noticed my next-door neighbors A/C unit compressor (which is situated between our two houses) was running and then I maybe smelled a chemical odor in the air.

Putting that together with my bedroom window being open all night - I was wondering if an A/C Compressor unit can emit anything that could have been blown or sucked into my bedroom window while I was sleeping that could have caused the symptoms I am feeling.

Any helpful info would be appreciated.

By Not Supporting The 1/6th Commission It Is .....

an admission of guilt by the Repugs. They know what the truth is and they don't want to face the reality of a Tr**p incited insurrection.

They have to be held accountable or this or something even more deplorable will happen.

The Two Capitol Police Officers That Committed Suicide After The 1/6/21 Insurrection.....

is anybody else suspicious about their suicides?

Have these deaths been investigated? Did these officers know each other? Could the insurrection really have pushed these two men to commit suicide?

Just asking - because I've always thought these suicides didn't make sense to me.

I hope if this 1/6th Commission ever gets off the ground - either as a bipartisan exercise or the Dems go it alone - that these suicides will be investigated.

With Respect To The Nov 2020 Presidential Election I've Had This Question.......

Sure Tr**p got a lot of votes - but wasn't able to beat Biden.

How many of those people that voted for President voted specifically for Tr**p and how many of those people that voted for President - voted for the Republican candidate?

Meaning - I believe any Repug that would have been the Repug candidate running in the Nov 2020 election would have gotten the same amount of votes - just because they were a Repug.

Repugs vote for Repugs and against the Dem. Many voted for Tr**p by holding their nose because they didn't want a Dem President.

I'm thinking that the support that Tr**p thinks he has - is really not as strong as he has led people and his Party to believe.

Sure there are Tr**p cultists out there - but I don't think that there are as many as we're led to believe there are.

The Repugs in the House and Senate are being conned by Tr**p. He's got them believing that he is the leader of the Party when he really is just faking it and letting them believe that.

I'm curious to hear others thoughts on this.

Why Can't They Agree On Two Investigations - Separate Them....

One investigation - for the Jan 6th Capitol Insurrection

and the second one

the other protests over the summer in Minneapolis, Portland, Chicago, etc

I would think that the BLM protests would break badly for the Repugs also.

I Think This New 'No Mask Needed If Vaccinated' Decision Is Too Premature.....

I believe the CDC should have waited for 2 weeks past the Memorial Day Holiday to make this decision.

Here's why:

We've been here before. We've relaxed some restrictions only to see a surge in cases, hospitalizations and deaths.

We know that Memorial Day is typically considered the start of summer. We know that a lot of people will be traveling, meeting with friends and family, having picnics and BBQ's.

If we can make it 2 weeks past the Memorial Day holiday without any unusual surges - I'd feel better about these new mask relaxations.

So right now - I think it is premature on their part to do this. After the Holiday I believe it would have been better timing. Heck - it's only another couple of weeks.

As for me - when we go shopping - I'll still be wearing my mask. Cause it will even be harder to determine who is vaccinated and who isn't if no one is wearing masks. I also won't be eating at any restaurants in the near future either and I'll still be social distancing.

We've come this far and things are looking up as the U.S. population gets vaccinated and closer and closer to 'herd immunity'.

It would be terrible - if we get all excited by the CDC's new mask decisions - and a post-Memorial Day surge occurs and we have to pull back.

I'm high risk and even though I'm vaccinated - I'm still playing this cautiously - until I assess the situation about 2 weeks after Memorial Day.
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