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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 02:47 AM
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Fire DeJoy - My United States Post Office Experience Today.....

I normally hold all my out going mail until I close my office for the day. I hold for last minute letters and packages I have to send. I stop by the Post Office after work and transact my business with them then.

Today I got to my Post Office at 4:35pm (normal closing time is 5:30pm).

Today I found my Post Office closed at 4:35pm. In fact the sign on the door indicated new M-F hours ending at 3:30pm instead.

Pissed and having to get a package out today - I went over to a neighboring suburb Post Office. This one was closed at 2:30pm. Again new hours - indicating being short staffed.

What is going on with this. DeJoy is out to destroy the USPS and this has got to stop.

President Biden needs to get this guy fired and out of this job. I know that the only way he can achieve that is to replace (I believe - Board Members) that have the ability to remove DeJoy from his position.

This needs to be done fast.

I know I've heard of all kinds of horror stories from around the country re: USPS. So I know this is not something that is effecting me. I'm sure other small businesses deal with USPS much the same way I do.

We need to complain and complain really loud. This can't be what we'll have to deal with going forward.

I know that Bernie Sanders was a strong advocate to save the USPS. We need him to get more vocal as well.

We Need To Stop Calling It 'Gun Control' & Start Calling It 'People Control'....

The cat's out of the bag as far as guns go. They're not going to be taken away or confiscated.

We need to change the narrative.

We need to control the people that have, use, buy, sell and manufacture the guns.

We need to emphazise 'People Control' and de-emphazise 'Gun Control'.

Put the teeth in laws that control the people that have, use, buy, sell & manufacture the guns and the ammo.

Stop calling it 'Gun Control'.

Just Curious - Does Fox News Promote Getting The Vaccine?.....

I was wondering if Fox News is putting out any PSA's to get their viewers to get the Covid vaccination shot?

After all they do reach the audience that are anti-maskers and anti-vaxxers.

It would be a way they could do something good for this country for a change.

What's Up With Chefs And Tattoos? ......

Why do most TV chefs have tattoo's? When and where did this start?

A Group Of Tr**p Supporters Along With Their Flags & Signs Were Out Again Today.....

on the corner of Golf & Meecham here in Schaumberg, IL.

They are out on this corner every Sunday. Today I noticed something as we passed them by in our car that I haven't seen before.

They were displaying a Korean flag.

Does anyone know the significance of that? Why would they be displaying that flag?
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