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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 02:47 AM
Number of posts: 22,852

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Is Anyone Surprised That Biden Didn't Make More Of The Tax Issue?.....

I know he said to Trump to prove it - release your taxes. The problem was that Trump was talking over Biden and you couldn't even hear Biden say that.

Very calmly - Biden should have waited and when Trump shut up - Biden should have then said - release your taxes and prove it.

Trump Is An Accomplished Liar....

he just makes things up and lies and he repeats them over and over and he winds up believing the lies that he makes up. So when it comes to answering any of the questions in this debate or rebutting Joe - he just spews the lies and filibusters and talks over the moderator and Joe.

He sounds like he knows what he is talking about and because he believes the lies he is spewing - he comes off like he is making sense. In his mind he is making sense. To some of his supporters - they think he is making sense because of his arrogance and his command of his own lies.

This debate was a joke. The moderator did a poor job at moderating.

Joe spoke directly to the people which was a great technique.

Trump played the poor me - everyone was/is against me. Actually it seemed like he himself put him on the defensive.

I hope that this debate is totally fact checked. It really needs it.

So Tell Me - How Many Of Trump's Supporters Today Now Feel.....


Wisconsin Covid Numbers?.......

How much is this attributable to the Repug National Convention? Is there a surge in numbers in Milwaukee?

Why Aren't We Hearing More From The Dems About The Repugs Wanting To End....

Medicare & Social Security? Seems to me that would get a lot of people out to vote in Nov.

Has Anyone Tested Positive For Covid After Attending One Of Trump's Recent Spreading Events Without.

a mask? Or is it too early to pick up any positives from his rallies?


These actors receiving Emmy's - if they don't have lines written for them to recite - only know how to say - Ummm - after every sentence of their acceptance speeches.

This was pointed out to me early in this broadcast - and now just listening is getting to me. Ummm!!!!

Trump Supporters On One Side Of The Intersection-Biden Supporters On The Other.....

Schaumburg, IL - the corner of Golf Road & Meacham. Waving flags, posters, handmade signs with megaphones yelling at each other.

Two cops were there watching - just in case.

As we drove by we yelled to Trump's group that they were the " disgusting people that Trump doesn't have to shake hands with".

Needless to say they didn't appreciate our comments.

Next Year We'll Be Watching 'Trump's Creek' ....

A reality show about a family that lost all their money and how they are coping with their newfound poverty.

When Did Trump Comment On Appointing Ted Cruz To SCOTUS And Why.....

did he make those comments so close to the election? Did he know something about RBG's condition that led him to believe that he'd have the opportunity to make and appointment? Or was there something more sinister going on in his mind?

I know that RBG was really sick and in the hospital a couple of times in the last month or so. But she's a strong willed lady and I would have believed that she would have clung on to life until after Nov 3rd.

Maybe the Dems need to call for a complete Tox Report on RBG before any action can be taken to fill her position. Remember - the Russians are supposed to be helping Trump get re-elected. And how does Putin deal with situations such as these?

Yes - I have my tin-foil hat on tight this a.m..

Trump is either the luckiest man on earth or he's sold his soul to the devil or maybe the other way around - Trump sold a soul to the devil. You know what a con man he is.
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