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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 02:47 AM
Number of posts: 22,902

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He Was 'Only 24 Hours In Tulsa'...

Everything Trump touches dies. RIP Herman Cain!!!

New Challenge - New Game....

In the style of Trump's cognitve test (i.e., Person. Woman. Man. Camera. TV.)

Come up with 5 words that describe any person or situation.

[Example: for Gym Jordan. (seen elsewhere on DU today).

Assault. Locker. Boy. Scream. Denial.

I think this game will catch on.

Try it out!!! See what you can come up with.

Again - What Is The Purpose Of This Barr Hearing?.....

What is it supposed to accomplish?

It's kind of a waste of time - when we all know that Barr & the Repugs will just lie and obfuscate.

How many of these things do we have to endure before we learn that lesson? They are just not very effective and tend to confuse the American People more than set any kind record straight.

Anyone Surprised That Trump Didn't Have A Covid-19 Briefing Today?.....

I thought for sure he'd want to mug the camera today given that John Lewis garnered all the coverage. You know how how he likes to be the center of attention.

The People Of Portland Should Protest From Their Homes....

This way they ignore Trump's goons and leave them standing around with nothing to do. Eventually Trump would have to pull them out cause they would not have anyone to beat up on and arrest. Imagine them having to stand around all day with nothing to do.

Ignore the goons. That would be a very effective way of protesting and getting Trump to back off. It would be another one of his failures.

Any city where Trump sends these goons should do the same.

Don't dignify Trump's actions. Take away another one of his attempts to campaign for re-election.

We're Getting To That Point In This Presidential Election Year Where.....

the MSM - in a quest to get ratings and make advertising money - will be talking about the closing of the gap between the candidates and that this is going to be a close race. We'll be hearing about how the polls are tightening the race.

We're getting to 'it's a horse race' time.

Just want to prepare you for what is coming in the next 100 days with respect to the Nov. election.

Does Don Jr Have Covid?....

Wasn't it on July 3rd at Mt. Rushmore that Jr. girlfriend tested positive. Didn't she & Jr leave Rushmore together? I haven't heard any follow-up mentioned in the press on what's happened to the two of them.

A friend told me that Trump's change of tone is because the virus hit so close to home - said Jr has Covid.

Does he? How's the girlfriend doing? What about the Secret Service members that also tested positive? How are they doing?

The Dems Need To Get Out In Front Of This Right Now And Keep Hitting At It.....

The Repugs are holding up the stimulus plan. They left Washington without voting on the plan. Moscow Mitch is saying that it might take some weeks before they pass it. The Repugs can't even agree on the plan.

People are going to be suffering because of this. Many will be evicted. They can't afford to pay their bills nor feed their kids.

This is all the fault of the Repugs. Make sure the American People hear that it the fault of the Repugs. Make sure the American People know who's to blame. The Dems need to keep hitting that message while the Repugs duck their responsibility.

You know that the Repugs will somehow blame the Dems for this hold-up. The Dems can't let that happen. The Dems need to go on and keep on the offensive with this. They need to keep hammering this home to the American People so that come Nov. the vote is so overwhelmingly blue that we take more seats in the House. We win the Senate with 60 seats. And Joe Biden becomes our President.

Has Anyone Suggested The Following For The Renaming Of The Washington Redskins?.....

how about the:

'Washington Monuments'

I think it could have been a good name - if we didn't have 'monuments' being pulled down all over the country.

Have There Been Any Updates On Donnie Jr's. Girlfriend And Her Covid?.....

For that matter - any word on Donnie Jr? And what about the Secret Service men that tested positive for Covid? What about the advance team that went into the Tulsa rally?

Have we gotten any word on how any of these people are doing?
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