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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 02:47 AM
Number of posts: 22,852

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Fake News, Eddie Haskell & Trump......

Trump struck first with using the term “Fake News”. As such he took the dominant position on it.

Now what am I trying to say regarding this? Let me see if I can explain.

When he positioned himself as the victim of “fake news” from the start – anything that even had a hint at attacking him or blaming him for whatever the issue - was then made ‘suspect’. He made the press/media and their representatives the enemy and he turned his people against the press/media. He also placed himself in the position that he was the decider on what is and what isn’t - “fake news”.

Meaning – that when he lies and he is actually creating ‘fake news” or a false situation – he appears to look like he is being ‘honest’ and ‘truthful’ and everything that is pointed at him or blaming him is a lie or fake.

He’s used this technique all through his presidency and is continuing using it till today.

He’s now using it on this whole ‘Putin/Russian Bounty’ story. He’s discrediting this whole story on ‘leaks’ by his enemies; that it is a hoax (where have I heard him use that term before) and the whole thing is ‘fake news’ that is being perpetrated by the press/media. And everybody is against him.

And guess what - his faithful supporters (the deplorables) believe him.

When you think about this and it really sinks in – it is really an ingenious strategy. It’s worked in countless incidents surrounding him and continues to work today. And no matter what the situation – because Trump struck first by using the term ‘fake news’ - we are stuck with his characterizations and intended perceptions.

He’s the Eddie Haskell [of Leave It To Beaver fame] of politics. The innocent ‘bad boy’.

Here’s a description of the Eddie Haskell character kinda lifted from Wikipedia.

The Eddie Haskell character has become a cultural reference and is recognized as an archetype for insincere sycophants. It was once remarked that "[Eddie] is so polite, it's almost un-American".

Eddie was known for his neat grooming and hiding his shallow and sneaky character. Typically, Eddie would greet his friends' parents with overdone good manners and often a compliment such as, "That's a lovely dress you're wearing, Mrs. Cleaver." However, when no parents were around, Eddie was always up to no good—either conniving with his friends or picking on Wally's younger brother Beaver, whom he regularly derided as "Squirt." "Gertrude" and "Sam" were nicknames he reserved for Wally. Always a nickname for people.

Eddie's duplicity was also exemplified in his efforts to curry favor by trying to talk to adults at the level he thought they would respect, such as referring to their children as Theodore (Beaver's much-disliked given name) and Wallace, even though the parents called them Beaver and Wally.

An untrustworthy wise guy, Eddie could be relied upon to concoct and instigate schemes with his friends, schemes for which they would be in the position of blame if (and frequently when) they were caught.

And how did Eddie's scheming character come to be? In one of the episodes of Leave It To Beaver he related a story from kindergarten, when a caregiver sent him to school with a home permanent (hair style). When he told his father about it, his father made a big joke about it. Eddie claims that was the last time he told his dad anything. Then he adds "If you can make the other guy feel like a goon first, then you don't feel so much like a goon."

Now does this sound familiar?

Trump fits Eddie like a T or Eddie fits Trump like a T.

Trump is classic Eddie Haskell. And the ‘fake news’ meme works for both of them.

I’m thinking - though - that Trump’s use of ‘fake news’ for everything that comes his way is now becoming worn and dated. It's been overused by him.

He’s become the ‘boy that cried wolf’ too many times. We got his number. And guess what – some of his own supporters are becoming former supporters because I believe that they’ve finally caught on to his act.

Yes – there are still many ‘die-hard deplorables’ out there – but their numbers are declining along with Trump’s polls.

Thank God we only have 5 more months to deal with Trump’s behavior. He can’t keep up this act for another 4 years – and I think he is beginning to realize it too.

Who Else In The White House Gets To Read The PDB's?......

The Chief of Staff? If so, who was the COS at the time of the PDB that reported the bounties?

Jarad? Ivanka? Baron?

I have to believe that there is someone else in the WH that has access to the PDB's and reads them.

Don't you think that such reporting of Putin paying bounties to the Taliban for killing U.S. Soldiers would rise to the level of informing Trump? Whether it was intelligence that was validated or not - it seems to me that intelligence such as this should be required to inform Trump about.

Whomever else in the WH that had access to this PDB was derelict in their duties to Trump and the American People if they didn't inform Trump.

By all rights - Trump should have read the PDB's himself - but we know he can't read or doesn't have the attention span to deal with reading.

I'll Float This Question Again - Is Anyone Else Having Problems Dealing With IDES.....

A friend - well over a month ago filed for unemployment and still hasn't received a certification letter from IDES - which I'm told by her she needs to proceed to the next step and getting paid.

She's tried contacting them by phone and gets busy signals; long waits when she finally connects; and gets hung up on when someone finally picks up the call. She's tried the website - and indicates there is nothing on it to help her or answer her question(s). All she wants to know is if they received her info and if anyone is dealing with it or if they have any questions that maybe she could answer or clarify. The worse thing that can happen is that her application gets lost in the system.

Money is getting tight for her and she was counting on an unemployment check. Things are getting dire.

Is anyone else having similar problems? Does anyone have any other suggestions as to how she should deal with this? I know that the Governor has indicated that the system is overwhelmed and he's trying to hire more hands to do the work. What makes me laugh is that this system is dealing with people that are unemployed and need jobs. One would think he'd have a real big pool of people to choose from.

Her fellow workers at the same company have filed around the same time or after she filed and have received their money already. I thought maybe they were approaching this by date of filing the application - but I guess that theory is blown.

Any help would be appreciated.

Boy - There's Going To Be A Lot Of Repug Governors That Aren't Going To Be Re-Elected When...

they run for re-election.

Too Little - Too Late.....

Pence wearing a mask now after disrespecting the use of masks and Moscow Mitch now advocating the use of masks - is just 'too little - too late'.

Especially Pence - who was the supposed head of the Coronovirus Task Force - should have known better and set an example. Instead he cowered behind Trump who arrogantly decided that protecting himself and others by wearing a mask - was beneath him.

Now the re-opening that is failing badly and creating Covid hot spots all around the country. So in a face saving attempt so they can say that they advocate using masks - they have decided to openly wear and promote the use of face masks to minimize Covid spread.

More Covid positive cases. More hospitalizations. Hospitals and health professionals becoming overwhelmed. And soon more deaths. All because of Trumps emphasis on re-election over safety.

Pence and Mitch and Repug Governors are realizing that they re-opened too soon despite warnings against moving too fast. They are realizing that they screwed up. Things are now in a tailspin and the virus is winning.

They have decided that they better initiate face saving actions - lest they be blamed for the rising death toll that we are to expect in the next coming weeks and months.

Too Little - Too Late.

OK - Trump Has Now Known About This Russian Bounty For American Soldiers For....

a few days. How has he dealt with it? What has he said about it? Other than making up excuses to not shoulder the responsibility as a president.

Reverse Re-Opening?.....

That's what some Repug Governor called the closing down the bars and other businesses in his State.

He couldn't say 'closing' down. He had to put a positive spin on it. Repug face saving. What an ass!!!

The Administration Dropped The Ball When They Stopped The Task Force Meetings.....

It was Trump's fault - because he took over the meetings as a replacement for his rallies. So the task force meetings went the way of the Dodo bird.

When this emphasis disappeared that this virus was serious and we should be vigilant and continue to treat this virus as a serious threat - many people became complacent. Trump hasn't helped the situation by not setting an example by wearing a mask.

Then with Trump's emphasis on the economy and the stock market for his re-election - the story switched to re-opening. He put pressure on the Governors of the Red States and - so they say - the rest is history.

Look where we are right now. We're seeing a resurgence of spread; cases and deaths - particularly in those states that re-opened with pressure by Trump.

Now the Task Force has been resurrected. Too little - too late. The damage has been done.

This Task Force Press Conference today - is an attempt to save face by the Administration. They have to present an impression that they care - that they are doing something.

They Don't. This is simply another photo op by a failed Administration.

Pence Has A New Way To Defeat This Virus.....

pray it away.

I Watched The Movie 'Contagion' Yesterday & It Should Be Required Watching For All Americans.....

It accurately and eerily described and predicted what has and is happening with the Covid-19 pandemic we're currently facing.

This movie was released in 2011 - a full 9 years before this crisis we're in now - and Trump saying
'no one could have predicted this' is just total BS.

The Covid-19 pandemic we're dealing with was totally predictive and we actually - for all intents and purposes - were prepared to deal with it - except for the incompetence by the Trump administration and his greater concern for his re-election than for the health and welfare of the American People.

This movie had it down to how the virus originated; how it spread; the political and economic issues facing such a crisis - including people profiting from supposed cures and vaccines. It showed the value of 'testing' and 'contact tracing'. It detailed how easily these viruses spread around the world and the issues that organizations like the CDC and WHO have to deal with. It showed the reaction of the people and the shortages and riots created because of the fear. It illustrated the value of using masks, gloves and sanitizers. It also pointed out the importance of isolating in one's home. It pointed out the issues that had to be dealt with in creating a vaccine, distributing the vaccine and administering it.

In 2011 - it was considered more as 'science fiction' but it was based on real scientific information and facts. Today - watching it was all too real to view. All too predictive. All too prescient.

That's why I'm suggesting that all Americans should watch this movie. It just reinforces what our Public Health Officials are telling us now and really points out the incompetence in the Trump Administration in dealing with it. Maybe some of those people that are calling it a hoax or ascribe to conspiracy theories surrounding our current crisis - will walk away from this movie with a greater understanding as to what is going on in the bigger picture.

One thing that I hope we glean from this movie is how they formulated the vaccine in this movie. It's dosage form. It was not an injection. It was intended to be easily administered. It was given intra-nasally (i.e., shot into the nose and inhaled). This - in my opinion - was well thought out and I just hope that the powers that be that are working on a vaccine take note of this and create an intra-nasal vaccine.
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