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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 02:47 AM
Number of posts: 22,870

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Hey Protesters - As Long As You Are Out Protesting - Call For Trump To....


It Doesn't Make Sense To Me That Far Left Groups Would Foment These Riots....'

Why would any leftist group want to give any advantage to Trump and get him re-elected? It doesn't make sense to me.

I'm Still Perplexed By How Tonights Protests In Minneapolis Were Mishandled By The Police & Guard...

I still can't believe they didn't put roadblocks on the streets and prevent cars from driving into the area.

Some of the looters actually drove their cars up to a Shop-N-Save store they were looting and loading their booty into their car. They were stupid though. Their license plate number was broadcast out on MSNBC. I think they'll get a follow up visit after this is over.

I Wonder If Trump Is Watching The Live Feeds Of The Protests Going On Around The Country.....

You know how he loves 'reality TV'. This is reality Trump. This is reality. This is real reality - not the crap that you put out.

Can you now see the failure you are as a president?

Well Trump Wanted....

to re-open.

So how's it working out for you Donald?

Remember When Trump Said "What Have You Got To Lose"....

Well - now you know.

Listening To This News Conference By MN Gov....

It sounds like a number of people are just covering their asses and making excuses.

Today is 'too little to late'. They weren't prepared. They didn't have their resources in position.

They had two missions: 1) prevent the unrest and, 2) protect the community because of the bigger issue - Covid.

They blew it on both. The unrest of last night was worse than the night before. They didn't prepare.

Also, now the community is devastated and burned out. Where are people of the community going to get their food supplies and feel protected in this time of covid?

I have my reservations as to whether they will be prepared tonight. They don't sound very strategic.

Something Is Puzzling Me About The Unrest In Minneapolis This Thursday Evening (Tonight)......

After what went on Wednesday evening/night wouldn't you think that the police would have been more prepared (along with the National Guard that was there as well) to prevent similar unrest Thursday evening/night?

We've seen similar unrest/riots in other cities in this country and around the world and their police and the guard didn't abandon the area. Other cities - if they felt overwhelmed - they brought in reinforcements. There didn't seem to be those kind of measures being taken in Minneapolis tonight.

I'm just puzzled as to why we didn't see a bigger police and guard presence there today. It's almost like they were told to stand down and just let it happen.

They had all day to get into position. To block streets. Set a perimeter around the area and not let cars in. Haven't they learned anything about crowd control?

Whoever Is Doing The Live Feed From Minneapolis Is Not Current....

their live feed is when it is still light outside. It Is 9:34pm in Minneapolis and a building is blazing. Just seen on MSNBC. We need a better live feed here.

Chuck Todd Is Getting Entirely Too Much Exposure Lately....

Daily he's on twice now. I immediately turn off MSNBC when he comes on. Can't stand the guy. Seems really phony to me.
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