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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 02:47 AM
Number of posts: 22,875

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Trump's Auditioning For A Job On The....

Home Shopping Network.

Because Red States Aren't Shutting Down And Telling Their Citizens To Self-Isolate At Home....

when they do finally get the message and begin to take the precautions - they essentially are going to extend the time the whole country has to stay home. They are not participating in flattening the curve and this will force the apex to peak later thereby extending the spread.

They will also will shoulder the blame for the economy not recovering sooner as it could if the whole country was under stay at home orders.

I don't think Trump has thought this through and the longer this extends this crisis his poll numbers will sink down. He won't be able to campaign. The economy will drag him down. It will be these Red States that will ultimately bring him down.

Did He Really Stop The Flow From China Early?....

He keeps saying that. He keeps patting himself on the back for that.

Did he really stop the flow early? Why does he keep saying that?

I Wouldn't Be Surprised If He Asked Fauci And Brix To Grossly Overestimate The Number Of Possible...

deaths to the highs of 1 to 2 million deaths so when they come in where they really think they will - 100,000 to 200,000 deaths he can claim he did a fantastic job so he can run on that for re-election.

This is another way he can con the American People.

Were There Any Provisions In This $2T Stimulus To Help ....

the student loan situation? I know that there was talk about that but don't know if anything was put in the bill.

The 'Bag Valve Masks' That Cuomo Just Demonstated In His Daily Update.....

He showed how they could be used - if worse comes to worse - and enough ventilators aren't available. As it is placed on a patient - a care giver needs to squeeze the 'bag valve' to simulate breathing. This has to happen on a continuous basis - which makes them untenable to use.

The thought came to me - couldn't 'robotic arms' be used and be programmed to squeeze the bag at a controlled interval - to take the place of the care giver? Robotic arms don't need to use a mask or PPE.

I would think that it might be easier, faster and less expensive to construct such 'robotic arms' 'than to try and construct ventilators.

I've seen 'robotic arms' used in manufacturing lines - where repetitive tasks must be employed.

Hell - if you go to IKEA - in their kitchen cabinet area - they have a display where a drawer is opened and closed - by using a robotic arm.

Does anyone out there have experience with 'robotic arms'? Is this even a possibility? Does anyone know the companies that make these devices.

We need to be creative - and this might be a simple solution - to help us out in a pinch.

Fantasy Sports - Chicago Baseball......

Today the Cubs won their home opener.

I can fantasize - can't I?

I Asked This The Other Day And Didn't Get A Good Answer - Has The Crime Rate Gone Down....

during this time of self-isolation and quarantine?

What's Pissing Me Off Now Is MSNBC Televised Trump's Rally Just Now And.....

cut away when the real information that we need to know and hear is happening.

I Guess You Have To Compliment Trump In Order To Get Him To Respond.....

The Governors that learned that they have to bow to this idiot are getting some of their needs met. The Governors that have criticized the job he's doing (rightly so) have been shut out.

I feel sorry for the Gov's that have to eat it - in order to be able to serve the people of their state.
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