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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 02:47 AM
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Has Anyone Tried To Call Their City's Mayor's Office Or State's Governors Office About Covid-19?....

I live in the Chicago Area and called the Mayor's office and can't get through to talk to anyone. So I decided to call the Governor's Office and ran into the same thing.

Operators are not available.

Chicago is a convention city and some international conventions/meetings are scheduled where thousands of people will be coming into the city from countries all over the world. I just want to know what type of precautions are being taken with respect to Covid-19 and wondering if they should 'proceed with an abundance of caution' and postpone or cancel these conventions/meetings - at least until more info comes to light with respect to this virus.

I just find it strange that I can't get to talk to anyone in either of these offices. One would think that they would have a hotline to handle questions.

Just wondering if anyone has run into this in their city's and state's?


1. Where would you expect two people to find compromise between: (what letter) A ------Z

2. Where would you expect two people to find compromise between: (what letter) A ------M

3. Where would you expect two people to find compromise between: (what letter) M ------Z

Well - That Was A Confidence Builder....

They can't even get it right as to whether a 19y/o male or a 50y/o female died from the virus.

And didn't Pence say he spoke with Gov. Inslee?

Tax Cuts - End Of Year - Hmmmm.....

What do you think? Right around the November election maybe? So he could incite a battle between Repugs and Dems. Repugs want to give you a tax break and the Dems don't want to and they will raise your taxes.

This is just a political ploy.

Under The Direction Of The President......

Pence said this at least 2 times in his prepared comments. I'm thinking he realizes that Trump has set him up to be the fall guy should this get away from them and get out of hand.

So - my gut is that Pence made sure that he is acting 'under the direction of the president'.

If Trump points a finger at Pence - Pence can point it right back.

I Want To Know About The First Person That Is ID'd With Covid-19 That Attended....

a Trump rally.

I think it is inevitable. I'll be curious of the reaction of both Trump and Trump supporters.

Should We People Be Concerned About Domestic Travel?.....

A friend of mine and his wife and two kids (1 1/2 y/o and 3 y/o) have a short 4 day trip planned on second week of March. They will be flying from Minneapolis to Phoenix so they can watch a few 'pre-season' Cubs and WSox games.

Given the current Covid-19 situation here in the U.S. - if it were me - I'd cancel this trip and not put myself or my kids in any unnecessary contact with people or places and risk coming into contact with the virus.

I'd like to have this discussion with him - but I don't want to overstep my bounds. What do you think I should do?

Two Questions: Will Trump Be Advised Not To Hold His Rallies??

Will he listen to that advice?

I'm Concerned Of Late Night Show Hosts Making Fun Of This Virus Crisis....

we find ourselves in. What I'm afraid of is some people watching will not take the crisis seriously and think it a joke. Some will not take the precautions to protect themselves and in turn put others in danger.

Comedians need to think twice about making jokes of this situation.

And Pence Probably Has To Have Trump's Approval...

after the public health experts need to get Pence's approval.

And it is evident that Kudlow and Mnuchin were named by Pence because the WH wants to handle this crisis from an economic perspective and not from a public health perspective.

Also - what scares me about Trump muzzling the public health experts is - what if all leaders from all the affected countries approach this crisis by muzzling their public health experts?
What are we to believe? How much of the real story will we be getting?

I do believe that Trump's handling of this public health crisis will be his undoing. Soon we'll be hearing that even some of his supporters are worried about Covid-19 and have lost faith in Trump.
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