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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 02:47 AM
Number of posts: 22,870

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I Hear The 5th Amendment On Self Incrimination Can't Be Use If One Is Pardoned......

If a pardoned person is called to testify in front of some Congressional Committee or Agency - that means that they are have to spill the beans and can't plead the 5th and hide - right?

Isn't Trump putting himself at risk by pardoning people like Rudy or Roger Stone? Couldn't they implicate Trump in future testimony?

Now if such a person - lies to the committee or agency in any testimony - can they be charged with that lie as a crime?

I'm assuming that the pardon that they receive is for crimes or actions that they may have committed up till the time of the pardon. Can they be charged if they commit future crimes - post pardon?

After Trump's Rally In Circleville - Was There A Spike In Covid Positives, Hospitalizations Or.....

deaths in Circleville or Pickaway County? Just curious as to whether or not there were any negative after-effects?

I Watched The Finale's Of Two Excellent Programs - Fargo And The Undoing.....

A couple of comments:

Chris Rock deserves an Emmy for his excellent performance in Fargo.


I wonder if a subliminal message about Trump and Narcissism was part of the point of The Undoing.

Hundreds Of Geese On The Move In The Chicago Area Today....

Is this a sign of a bad winter? I've seen over 9 formations of at least 50 or more geese per formation flying in the typical vee pattern today already. Just wondering why all of them are on the move today. What's going on?

Man Sues For A Refund Of $2.5M He Donated To Trump Election Challenge Group.....

A man who donated $2.5m to help Donald Trump's crusade to overturn the elections is asking for his money back.

Fred Eshelman, the donor, is suing Houston-based "True the Vote Inc" for what he claims are "empty promises," Bloomberg reported. . .

Mr Eshelman supported the group under the pretense that they would find evidence of voter fraud. However, as their lawsuits failed - as have almost all of the lawsuits filed by supporters of Mr Trump in attempts to overturn the election - Mr Eshelman has decided he wants a refund.

He claimed that he "regularly and repeatedly" asked True the Vote Inc for updates on their initiatives, but was given "vague responses, platitudes, and empty promises."


Global1's Comments:

I've lost a lot of respect for Mr. Eshelman. How could a man so smart and successful be sucked in and conned by Trump? Why did it take him 4-5 years to realize that he's been conned by Trump. It makes me question his judgement.

Now I question his decision to sue True to Vote Inc.. I think he should have just chalked up his donation to this qroup as a bad business decision and kept it to himself. Now that he's sued this group - bringing his donation into the open - it makes him look like he was sucked into Trump's cult - which in reality - he was.

It was a bad decision in the first place to make such a donation. IMHO it was another bad decision to now sue and expose his support for Trump over the last 4-5 years.

Fred has been very successful in life. My God - he's got a Pharmacy School in North Carolina named after him. I was proud that he achieved so much in life. Now I've lost may respect for this guy. Kinda Sad!!!!

A Winken, Blinken And A Nod....

There's a Carnac joke in there somewhere!!!

Why All The Posts With 'Train' References Here?....

Did I miss something?

Please Help Lower My Blood Pressure: Trump & The Repugs Have Exploited Every Loophole In Our Laws &

Constitution in the last four years and they are continuing to do that now with Trump unwilling to concede and people like Lindsey trying to cheat and suppress votes.

In 2016 Trump was surprised that he actually won the presidency. In 2020 Trump was surprised that he lost the presidency. I'm sure that he was assured that he would win and stay in office. That the fix was in. That the Repugs had things wired around the country to give him the win.

Hell he was so sure - that he even went as far as saying that the Repugs were going to win back the House.

However, the animosity against Trump was so great that it turned out a record number of voters and as a result - all the suppressing and cheating that they did was not enough to give them the win.

I guess I'm really worried that because they are so relentless - that they will actually succeed. Trump and the Repugs don' play by the rules. They make up their own rules to suit their needs. We Dems have been stung by this many times over the last 4 years and it seems like we have still not learned our lesson.

Trump and the Repugs play dirty and are never embarrassed by their blatant, out in the open tactics. Now more than ever I think the Dems need to play on the level of the Repugs.

Am I being too paranoid when I say that Trump and the Repugs won't stop trying to continue to exploit loopholes and do all they can until they find some way, shape or form to overturn the results of the 11/3 election and keep Trump in office?

Please talk me down and say that this won't happen.

Heard In Georgia: Psssst. Hey Buddy. Listen Up. Wanna Know How To Make An Easy $1200.00?....

Just vote for the two Dem candidates for the U.S. Senate in the Jan 5th election. You get them elected and they along with Kamala and the rest of the Dem Senate will pass the Hero's Act - and that means a $1200.00 check will be put in the mail to you compliments of Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and the Dems in Congress.

Just know that Trump and the Repugs won't do that for you. The Dems will.

Possibly A Way To Get Trump To Allow For A Proper Transition And Concede The Election......

Ignore him. Pay him no attention on any of the news shows. Don't mention his name for a week.

He so craves the attention - that he'd hold a press conference to concede and allow the transition - only to hear his name mentioned on the news again.

If you ask me - we should have ignored this guy years ago.

Maybe we should ignore him until Jan 20th, 2021 and then blast his name all around the media as he runs from the law and tries to avoid jail time.
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