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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 02:47 AM
Number of posts: 22,870

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Just Saw Trump Merchandise For Sale At 50% Off On The Internet.....

Is this a sign that they are know that Trump is going to lose on Nov. 3rd?

I wonder how much they will discount it after Tuesday?

Why Is Stephen Colbert Still Hosting His Show From His Home?......

All the other late night hosts - Fallon, Kimmel, Cordon & Meyer's - are back at their desks pre-pandemic. The only late night host that still is broadcasting from his home is Colbert. Why hasn't he returned to the Ed Sullivan Theater? Has their been any explanation on this?

Is Trump Using A Teleprompter In Ohio?.....

He just keeps spewing fake crap and lies and just never runs out of b.s..

I Guess Trump Can Fool A Crapload Of People....

all the time.

I'm interested in seeing Circleville, OH as I spent much time there so I'm listening to Trump's speech there. First time I've listened to his rally talk. It's really sickening to hear his B.S..

He really can sling it and it's amazing how he can bend and twist reality to his benefit.

What a 'Con' artist. A consummate liar. He really can fool a lot of people all the time.

Trump Single Handedly Saved Big Ten Football And....

that's what he led with in Circleville,OH. So he wins Ohio because the people could cheer on Ohio State Football. That's whats important to them. Not our democracy. How dumb can people be?

Have There Been Any Cable News Stories On Moscow Mitch's .....

hands and face discolorations?

So far I've only seen pics of Mitch here on DU.

Has anyone reported on this in the MSM?

We Need Some Public Service Announcements To Show People How To Correctly Wear A Mask.....

Just watching film clips on the newscasts here in the Chicago Area over the last couple of weeks and have been noticing people not correctly wearing their masks.

The most common mistake is that they don't keep their nose covered and only cover their mouth.

The other thing I see are people that don't have the mask secured tight enough around their ears and as they talk - the mask slips down under their nose and sometimes even exposes the top of their mouth. Maybe people need to learn how to make the mask tighter around their ears and face.

Another common problem is that the mask doesn't anchor around their chin and as a result when they talk it creeps up and exposes the bottom lip of their mouth.

So it's not like people don't wear masks - it's just that they need some coaching to wear the mask correctly so that it affords the right amount of protection.

It would be good if some of the news and talk shows would do a few mask coaching videos to instruct people how to correctly wear a mask.

One Thing That Trump Does Really Good & Better Than Anyone Else....


Scary Halloween Lawn Display Seen Today.....

I didn't get a picture because I was driving by in my car and couldn't pull out my phone fast enough to take a shot.

But this was a mannequin of a Trump look alike dressed in a dracula cape (black with red lining) and I think dracula fangs. I flew by so fast I was unable to pick up on the details.

This is the best display I've seen so far - designed to scare the hell out of all of us.

It Bothers Me That Trump Is Still Acting So Arrogant Re: Re-Election.......

The poll numbers all across the U.S. look bad for Trump and great for Biden - however - Trump still talks trash and acts like he has this election in the bag. I'm really bothered by that.

Now I know - he has to put out a positive vibe re: re-election. But when I hear many of his comments - it's like he knows that he's going to steal this election one way or another and remain in office.

Now help me here. Am I being silly about this or does anyone else get the same message from Trump?
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