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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 02:47 AM
Number of posts: 22,870

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Some Questions Re: Cooking & Eating Long Pasta's Like Angel Hair, Linguine & Spaghetti.....

1. Why shouldn't I break these pasta's in half before I put them in the pot of water to cook them? In my opinion - they get cooked more evenly versus when putting them in the pot whole - half of the pasta gets cooked faster than the side that sticking out of the water. That side doesn't start cooking until the bottom half of the pasta gets cooked and the top half slides into the water. Is this just a matter of presentation when putting it on a plate - that it looks better being a whole strand versus half the size strands?

2. When I eat such pasta - why don't chefs encouraging the use of a knife on it and cut it in more manageable bite size pieces instead of having to wrap it around a fork and stick a more than a mouthful in one's mouth. Why shouldn't I make it easier for me to eat it? Is not cutting it just a traditional method of eating pasta or is there really a reason I shouldn't be cutting such pasta's?

I know these sound like stupid questions. I always break the pasta in half before putting it in the pot so it all gets cooked at the same time. I always use a knife to cut the pasta in fork size cuts so I could eat it without spraying sauce all over me and/or having a lot of the pasta hanging out of my mouth as I eat it.

I would appreciate your comments on this.

Oops!!!! Trump Was Visited By Only Two Ghosts.....

the Ghost of Repugs Past

the Ghost of Repugs Present

He won't be visited by the Ghost of Repugs Future because he's ended the Repug Party and there is no future.

Prediction: Romney Will Be The Repug Nominee In 2024....

His criticism of Trump over the weekend is actually posturing for the 2024 nomination.

As soon as I heard his comments I knew what he was after.

29 Days Left In His Presidency & Trump Turns Into A Democrat....

Wants a $2000.00 stimulus check $1400.00 more than Mitch & the Repugs want.

Boy - Trump is full of surprises!!!! (sarcasm)

Looks like Pelosi and Schumer will oblige him.

This ought to put Mitch and Company in a good mood.

Why Does My Brain Always Jump To Conclusions - Now Trump's Call For $2000.00 Checks And.....

more help for small businesses.

I smell a scheme here. Mitch and the Repugs only approving $600.00 checks on purpose so that Trump can come into this at the 11th hour and be the hero and call for $2000.00 checks.

It makes it look like Trump cares.

Does anyone else think that this was planned?

Think about it. Trump could have made in known while they were negotiating this whole mess of a stimulus bill that he wanted $2000 and forced Mitch and the Repugs to make it happen.

No - they waited until this was passed so that Trump could chime in. Here I come to save the day......

What do you think is going on?

My Theory On The Cyberattack.....

Putin's original objective was this cyberattack. The whole vote fraud "I won" by Trump is just a distraction from what Putin wanted to accomplish through Trump.

All eyes were on the election and watching for cheating as they slipped in the back door and penetrated our security - to be used for even more havoc in this country in 2021.

If you think this pandemic has caused havoc and pain 2021 will be the year of electric grid, internet and other attacks resulting from the info that Putin stole through this cyberattack.

And what is Trump still talking about? Election fraud. Not much about the cyberattack except that it was perpetrated by China and not Russia/Putin.

It was said that this cyberattack on our country is equivalent to an act of war.

If Trump winds up being tied to this cyberattack and Putin - can he be called up for 'treason'.

Can A Virus Mutate Itself Out Of Existence?...

Just asking?

Trump Is A Loser and A Total Failure....

He's leaving this country in a shambles. Wow!!! All the damage that he's done to this country in just 4 years. It's really sad.

My Prediction On Trump's Next Con For Money Scheme After He Leaves The WH.....

I predict he'll start a fund for a Trump Presidential Library.

I know, I know - all kind of jokes revolve around the idea of a Trump library - but Trump will say that he has over 74 million Americans that support him and want him to have a presidential library.

I'm really thinking that's his next con to pull money out of his deplorables. We all know that these deplorables will fall for this scheme - hook, line and sinker.

OK Trump Watchers - Does Trump Have A Plan Between Now & Jan 20, 2021 Or Will He Be Impulsive?......

As I lie here awake this a.m. because I can't sleep worrying about what Trump will do these last 33 or so days before he leaves office I got to thinking the following;

Does Trump have a premeditated plan of actions laid out and know exactly what he'll be doing in his last days in office


will he just do things impulsively based on actions of other people or what he hears from his detractors and supporters?

If he has a plan - is it detailed and written down?


Who Knows what his plan is?

his kids?
his cabinet?
his closest White House staff?
His COS?
Moscow Mitch?
All the Repugs?
The Proud Boys?
Others? (who?)

What will he do to fleece money out of the country in his last few days in office?

Will he crash the stock market? If so - do you think he'll warn his kids so that they could benefit from his actions?

When will the pardons come? Does he have a list and is he checking it twice before the pardons begin? Do those that he's going to pardon already know that they'll be pardoned?

These are just some of the questions that come to mind this a.m. as I worry about what shape he will be leaving this country in - when he's finally gone on Jan 20, 2021.

OR will he refuse to leave and even cause more trouble?

What are the bookies thinking now? What are they betting on that he'll do or not do?

Boy - I can't wait until I can have a whole nights sleep without worrying about what this deranged criminal will do.

Does he have a plan? Or Is he unpremeditated and even more dangerous?

What do you think?
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