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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 02:47 AM
Number of posts: 22,870

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I'm Confused By What's Going On In The UK Can Someone Tell Me What I Should Know About Brexit....

Start with the initial vote to pull out of the EU (why they wanted to?) and bring me up to date as to what is happening there today.

What are the sides? Who is on what side? Have the people that originally voted to pull out of the EU had second thoughts? What is the Royals position on this?

Just simply explain this - kind of in steps. You know step 1, 2, 3, etc. From the beginning to where they are now.

I'm sorry I'm so uniformed on what's happening in the UK - but I've had my hands and my head filled with what's happening here in the U.S. with Trump and haven't kept up with all that's happening across the pond.

I'm looking for the 'Brexit for Dummies' version or the Cliff Notes version.

Have The Cable News Channels Reported On Trump's Change To Babies Born To Military Overseas.....

will not be considered 'citizens' of the U.S..

Does Anyone Think That The Crazy Things That Trump Has Done Over The Last Couple Of Weeks......

that he's trying to get the Dems to impeach him? Is he giving them enough material to use for impeachment?

It's been said that Trump would like to get impeached because he would use that to cry foul - that the Dems are out to get him - so that he could run on that for 2020. He knows he has MoscowMitch to save him in the Senate.

Now that his polling isn't going well for him and it looks like he could lose to any Dem candidate - losing and being out of office - could really put him in a lot of jeopardy and maybe land him in jail.

If the impeachment process comes before the election and he survives the trial in the Senate - I think he thinks he could win a 2nd term and survive everything.

It Would Be Funny If This Hurricaine That's Gonna Hit Puerto Rico Continues On And......

hits Trump's Doral resort.

I'm Asking - How Much Money Did Trump Make Over This Last Weekend....

Was it Friday that he came down hard on China with tariffs and the market tanked almost 700 points. Today he was talking a little more forgiving and positively towards China and the market shot back up almost 300 points.

I'm betting he or his family/cronies/Mar-A-Lago members made out both on the downside of the market on Friday and the upside today.

I'm noticing a pattern here. A well placed tweet or comment that creates panic on the market and the market goes down - this is always followed up a couple of days later with another well place tweet or comment to draw the players in the market back to move it up.

It's like he's purposely manipulating the market for his benefit and the benefit of his close family or friends.

Is my tinfoil hat on too tight - or am I on to something?

Do You Think The Repug Party Is Encouraging These Guys That Say They Will Challenge Trump.....

for the Repug nomination in 2020? You know Walsh, Weld, Scaramochi, Sanford, maybe even Kasich

They know that Trump is taking down the whole Party with him but they can't come out on their own and openly challenge Trump because that doesn't send the right message and quite frankly they might even fear Trump.

- They have to back the incumbent. They have to appear supportive of Trump.
- They fear Trump repercussions that could even inflict more trouble to the Party than just his crazy antics and lies.

So I'm thinking the Repug Party/RNC is encouraging these guys to challenge Trump and sending out (and maybe secretly supporting) these surrogates.

Just a thought because it seems like these guys only recently came out of the woodwork (almost all once) to present this challenge to Trump.

It almost seems like a concerted effort to take out Trump with these so-called Repugs - but not any of those Repugs that are currently serving in the House or Senate. Almost like those that are currently serving in the House or Senate are afraid of Trump and what he could do to them - but in the back hallways of Congress support these surrogates that don't have that much to risk if they challenge Trump.

What do you think?

What Is It About Trump That He Always Seems To Listen To Or Get Advice From.....

the wrong people? He has the ability - as president - to summon experts in all fields - to seek advice from and be educated by. However, he shuns them and listens instead to conspiracy theorists, crackpot talking heads, dictators and other criminals.

When you think of the opportunity he is squandering. He has taken the wrong path through his presidency. Any other man/woman taking the right path could have become a great president. Not him. What a failure. Some legacy he'll have.

Are The Parkland Students Still Out There Registering People To Vote?.....

Are they still promoting gun reform?

Any info as to how effective they are or have been?

How To Get Trump And The Repug Party At Odds With Each Other......

Trump is always looking to blame someone for his screw-ups.

The one he is most worried about now is the 'impending recession' - that has been affectionately been labeled as -

"The Trump Recession"

He knows that it could kill his chances for a second term and he has already started to make excuses.

Excuse 1: blame the Fed

Excuse 2: you have to vote for me if you value your 401K - if the Dems win - it will really go south - I'm the only one that can make it better - you have no choice but to vote for me - love me or hate me.

But how do we get him to maybe have another excuse that can put him at odds with the Repug Party? Here's how.

Have him believe that the Repug Party convinced him that the 'tax cut' that he shepherded through - that they said would be good for the economy - is to blame for the impending recession.

Get him to blame the Repug Party for giving him wrong advice about this tax cut and that it is the Repug Party that should be blamed for the impending recession because they gave him wrong advice.

Have him change the narrative from a "Trump Recession" to a "Repug Recession".

I know you're going to say - 'but Trump is a Repug himself'. You're right - but he doesn't have the ego to take the blame for the impending recession. He needs someone/something to blame this impending recession on and he's looking for excuses and someone to point the finger at and away from him.

What a better fall-guy than the Repug Party. Remember - he only thinks about himself. Bottom line - he has no loyalty to the Repug Party. He's desperate and if he wants to keep himself from going to jail - he has to win a second term. Yes - to save himself - I believe he would even turn on the Party.

All we need to do is put the 'bee in his bonnet' through a well placed tweet that can be seen by Trump - tweeting something like - Trump was given wrong advice by the powers that be in the Repug Party. They knew that this tax cut could foment a recession - but that the goal was to give the wealthy a hefty tax break - and by the time the recession comes - we could blame the whole thing on Trump and use Trump as the fall-guy. We'll use Trump as he's expendable and is our pawn.

The goal here is to put Trump at odds with his own Party.

Trump thinks - 'hey I can use that'. It's not my fault - it's the fault of the Repug Party. That's a good excuse.

Remember - he's only looking for a good excuse to get the blame off his back. He's too stupid to realize that he'll go down with the Party on this - but at least he's got a good excuse to say that the Party is to blame and not me (Trump).

Imagine the fireworks that would result - if we can get Trump and the Repug Party at odds with each other.


Did Epstein's Autopsy Include Blood Test For Drugs....

in his system?

Could an autopsy determine if a person was dead before signs of a hanging (i.e., broken neck, etc) are found on the person's body?
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