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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 02:47 AM
Number of posts: 22,902

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You Know We're Never Gonna Hear The End Of It From Trump's....

stepping into NK. We'll be hearing about it at all his rallies.

Gonna Be In The Neighborhood - Mind If I Stop By To Say Hello?......

Talking about Trump visiting Kim at the DMZ.

Sounds suspicious to me. Aren't visits like these planned well in advanced? Don't they have to make sure everything is secure? Plan routes? etc.

Is it possible that this was a planned event that Trump wants to make it look like it was a spur of the moment kind of thing? Does he have something else up his sleeve?

Will Kim say - if I knew you were coming I'da baked a cake?

Joy Reid Is Covering The Latest Rape Allegation By Trump - Time To Call For His Resignation.....

We know he's and admitted serial sexual assaulter based on his now infamous 'pussy grabbing' comments. He's had 15 to 20 women accuse him of similar incidents.

Now is the time to take this to the next level. We must call for his resignation. Put him on the defensive on this. We know he's a pathological liar. All of these women can't be lying. We know who is lying here and it is Trump.

Al Franken was run out for lesser accusations. It's time to call for Trump's resignation as a sexual assaulter. We can't have such a person representing our country.

I've Been Having A Problem With Bread I Buy Getting Moldy Before I'm Able To Eat It......

It's only me and a loaf of bread takes a long time for me to eat. I get maybe three sandwiches from a loaf and when I go for the fourth - it's moldy.

Any suggestions as to how I can keep my bread from getting moldy? Buns too?

MSNBC Is Certainly Getting A Lot Of Mileage Out Of These Debates......

they've been promoting it every chance they get. I'm afraid that they're going to be the ones that are going to pick our Dem nominee for us. They can bend and shape the responses by the debatee's and point the American People in the direction of the candidate that they want. That scares me.

Trump Wants The Dems To Solve The Humanitarian Disaster At The Border Of His Making.....

He created the situation. Now he's blaming the Dems and wants the Dems to bail him out.

Call For Trump's Resignation - Where Are All Those Dems That Came Out Hard Against Sen. Franken?....

They - as well as - all Dems - should bring up Trump's sexual assaults and rapes as much as possible. They should condemn them and call for Trump's resignation - even though it looks like Trump will slide by again - by his denials.

The MeToo movement needs to make noise about this too.

If no one is willing to speak up about this - it will allow Trump to slide by once again.

But - even if he is allowed to ultimately slide by on this - if the Dems and the MeToo movement remain vocal - it puts Trump on the defensive and he'll probably wind up shooting himself in the foot by saying something stupid or incriminating.

At the minimum - it might change some Trump votes to the Dem candidate in Nov. 2020.

But just to ignore this and let it slip by the media is the wrong thing to do.

Like I Said - We Need To Call For His Resignation - Put Him On The Defensive.

We need to point out other politicians that resigned or were drummed out of office by similar incidents or even lesser incidents.

Keep the heat on Trump. Don't let up. Don't let him or the MSM sweep this under the rug.

At best - if he has to focus on defending himself - it keeps him from talking about other things.

The people that put the heat on him - will know what to say and how to get under his skin.

By saying or doing nothing - he just skates by again. We can't let him do that. This has happened one too many times. He's a serial sexual assaulter. This is not befitting of a person that calls himself a president.

He thinks this incident is over because he said she's lying, he doesn't know her and she's not his type.

Well we can't let this be over. We need to keep on him. Again - call for his resignation.

Let him have to keep on defending himself and answer the same questions - over and over and over. That will really frustrate the hell out of him.

The reason he skates by all the time is because once he's given his response - he thinks he's done and no one continues to badger him about it.

We can't let that happen this time.

Don't Let Trump Fool You About Not Wanting A War......

He's just going on record now saying he doesn't want a war so when he has the opportunity because of some contrived crisis in or near Iran - he can say that he was forced into a war. He had to do it to protect our interests.

He knows that being at war might help him win re-election and he is desperate to be re-elected because he knows losing would probably land him in jail.

Why else would he hire John Bolton (whom Trump says he's a hawk and it looks like he's trying to put some distance between him and Bolton). It's just a ruse folks.

We all know that Trump says the opposite of what he really wants or wants to do. Trump wants to be a war president. He wants a war to protect himself (thru re-election). He wants a war because it will keep him in the spotlight and you know how he likes to be the talk of all the news.

My prediction is - sometime before the 2020 Nov election - we'll be embroiled in a war with Iran.

I'm really hoping I'm wrong on this - but I don't trust Trump with anything he says. He's proven to us that he is a pathological liar only thinking of one thing - himself.

The President Of The United States Is Accused Of Raping....

a woman yesterday. She is one of 10 or more other women that have also accused him of rape or sexual assault. This is after his famous admission of how he sexually assaults women by grabbing them by the pussy.

Very little news coverage of this new accusation and all Trump had to do is deny it and say this woman is looking for publicity to drum up sales for her new book.

No calls for his resignation. No calls for having to account for this assault. He goes on like nothing is wrong - nothing has happened.

In contrast to that - look what happened to Senator Al Franken.

What's wrong with this picture?

Can't The Dems Have The Spotlight Ever.....

MSNBC just cut away from the Dems in SC to the WH lawn to hear Trump. He's got to mug everything. Why are they giving Trump any air time today. For once can't they keep him out of the news?
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