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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 02:47 AM
Number of posts: 22,691

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When Trump Starts Talking Tariffs - The Stock Market Adversely Reacts.....

It's down considerably now - but by next week it will bounce back.

I'm just wondering if Trump is benefiting from this and is making money off the stock market or at least tipping his family that this tariff talk is coming so that they can maybe play the market and benefit.

Is anybody watching whether Trump or his family is making money off of these tariff swings in the market? I guess I wouldn't put it past him to take advantage of his tariff talk.

What Will Happen To All Of Trump's People That Enable Him To Cover-Up.....

his crimes and obstruction if he is impeached?

Seems to me that they are as guilty as he is of obstruction. Shouldn't they be subject to some penalty? His lawyers, advisors, spokespeople, etc?

Trump Is Treading Lightly With His Attacks Today On Mueller.....

His vicious attacks on Mueller today could prod Mueller to come out and testify before Nadler's House Committee in order to defend his honor. Trump by attacking Mueller seems to be sealing his own fate.

You saw the reaction to Mueller's 9 1/2 minute statement yesterday - which seemingly has pushed along the prospect with more calls for 'impeachment'.

Think of what the reaction would be if Mueller actually appeared before Nadler's Committee. If Trump keeps up his attacks on Mueller - we might soon be watching Trump pounding the nails in his own coffin ending his presidency. I'd like to see Mueller take the gloves off.

I Will Not Testify To Congress.....

Read it all in my tell all book that will hit the stands around the election.

(wishful thinking)

Does This Now Play Into Trump's Wanting The Dems To Move To Impeachment?...

Trump wants to get that over with before the 2020 campaign season gets into full swing once the Dems identify their nominee.

Trump feels that McConnell and the Repugs will again 'circle the wagons' around him and protect him. McConnell will move the whole impeachment process in the Senate along as fast as he could.

The vote in the Senate will go Trump's way. He'll be able to go into the 2020 campaign season saying he was totally exonerated and he'll use that to springboard him into his second term.

Let's hope Nancy and the Dems have a strategy in mind to make 'impeachment' stick or at least run the clock down till just before the 2020 election so that Trump can't benefit from the process.

Seems To Me Mueller Should Have Made Much Of This Statement The Day.....

he released the report. Having waited til now - allowed Barr to taint the message and allowed Trump to say he was exonerated.

If Mueller would have made this statement the day he released the report - perhaps more American's would have even taken the time to read the report.

Instead, many American's being lazy, took the easy way out and let Barr interpret the report for them. Hence - where we are today - with Trump saying he was exonerated.

IMHO - Too little - too late from Mueller. However, if Congress now does it's job - perhaps we can recover.

Will Trump - After Mueller's Statement - Still Be Able To Say....

he's completely exonerated and there was no obstruction?

Someone Needs To Teach Tweety (Chris Matthews) How To....

pronounce Mayor Pete's last name.

I'm Not In Nor Never Was In The Military.....

I would like to hear from those of you that were or are in the military.

What do those currently in the military think of their Commander-In-Chief Trump?

Do they really think he has their best interests in mind? Do they like the guy that could send them away from their families and friends and into war?

Would they obey him if he chose to ignore the 2020 election and try to remain in office? Would they protect him?

Just curious.

If You Were To Have An Intervention For Trump.....

how would you conduct it and what would you say to and tell Trump?
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