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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 02:47 AM
Number of posts: 22,870

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I Recently Watched The Movie 'Vice' And Came To The Conclusion That Trump Is.....

a culmination of decades of the development by the Repugs of the 'unitary executive' theory.

What we're seeing with the Trump Administration basically turning its nose up to Congress has its roots in Anton Scalia through the Reagan Administration and fine tuned and honed by Dick Cheney during the G.W. Bush Administration that culminates here and now in the Trump Administration.

Trump is the consummate specimen that the Repugs needed to perfect this theory and bring it into full blown practice. Trump has the right mix of ego; personality flaws; lack of conscious and emotion to pull off being the ultimate unitary executive. He's running this country like he ran his business and he is getting away with it.

The Repugs fostered this theory and have bolstered Trump being able to pull this off by providing him with the cover to allow him to get away with all the crap he's pulled and is continuing pulling.

This was the Repug master plan that ruminated in Repug think tanks and was massaged through the years to bring us to where we are today.

Trump is talking 'coup'. He is right. There is a 'coup' and the final steps were put into place in the Nov 2016 election that gave us Trump and the Repugs their ultimate weapon - the 'unitary executive'.

I really don't know if there is a way to recover from this as the Repugs have taken this from 'theory to practice'.

It took watching the movie 'Vice' to understand the devious mind of Cheney in his putting into place some of the final steps to bring us to putting the 'unitary executive theory' into practice in this Trump Administration.

For some background on the movie Vice and the unitary executive theory - check out this link: https://www.latimes.com/opinion/op-ed/la-oe-spitzer-cheney-vice-unitary-president-20190207-story.html

Do You Think Trump Is Watching This Barr Hearing? And.....

if he is - How do you think he's interpreting it?

I Don't Have Any Hot Water Coming Into My Sink In My Bathroom.....

I get a slow trickle of water that hardly amounts to any. The cold water works like it should but not the hot water. I get hot water in my bathtub; in my other bathroom; in the kitchen sink and shower stalls.

The only place I don't get hot water is in my bathroom sink.

Any ideas as to how I can correct this situation myself or do I have to call a plumber?

Note that under the sink - I have two shutoff valves. One for the hot water and one for the cold water. And yes they are both in the on position - as I already checked that.

Any help would be appreciated.

Rounding Up For Charity.....

It looks like the latest growing trend is for merchants - when they ring up your purchases and total them - to ask you if you would like to round up your purchase to the nearest dollar for charity.

It started a couple of months ago at one of the stores that I frequent - and now it seems to have crept into almost every store I do business with.

I guess the hook is to put pressure on you to give (round up) and make you feel guilty if you don't - make you look like a cheapskate.

I donate to my favored charity (multiple sclerosis) on a regular basis and I don't like this new trend of rounding up at the register any time I purchase something at a store. I refuse to round up and am offended by the reaction sometimes by the register people to give me a dirty look or make some comment to guilt me.

Am I being too much of a curmudgeon about this or do others out there share my sentiment?

When did this trend start and who thought this one up?

What The Hell Did I Just Watch? Schumer & Pelosi At The WH.....

What is going on? Is this for real? Infrastructure? Broadband? Two trillion dollars?

What did I miss? What is the strategy behind such a move by the Dems? Do they purposely want to give Trump a win on this? Before the 2020 election?

You know that if this move is successful - he will run on this as if it was all his and his only idea.

Is such a move by Schumer and Pelosi undercutting the Dem candidates that are running for the nomination?

I just don't get it? Could somebody please explain? Help? I'm totally confused now?

Are they trying to put Trump in a bind between he and his Party? What gives?

Is There Any Way To Exert Pressure On The Repug Party To Deal With Trump?......

I know that my question will probably be answered in a very partisan way. I can probably predict many of the answers that I will get to my question. BUT - I'm just trying to think out of the box here and that's why I'm asking this question. Please take my question seriously and make some attempt to help find a creative way to get the Repugs to cooperate with us.

It seems that every way we've turned - we run into roadblocks dealing with Trump. I thought Mueller's Report would be the straw that would break the camels back. Here we are a couple of weeks after its release and though the report couldn't cite Trump for collusion he did say he did not exonerate Trump with respect to 'obstruction of justice'. Yet - even our attempt to get some corroboration with the Mueller Report is being shutdown by Trump. Before you know it the Mueller Report will be just a distant memory and we will have further normalized Trump's actions.

We've watch Trump and his minions commit crimes in full view of all of us yet it seems that nothing sticks on Trump. I don't know if he's just lucky; or if he's a evil genius; or if he just has too many people who's interests are served by - even a criminal Trump - that cause them to come to his aid. Is Trump playing 3 dimensional chess with us?

Everyday - I have snippets of hope that he's cornered and he'll go down soon - but - I've been hearing that for the last 2 1/2 yrs. Everyday I become more and more demoralized and hopeless.

Now I know I'm not the only one feeling this way. In fact - many of the talking heads on the cable news shows seem like they are giving up and are as hopeless as myself. We hear that the Dems are not backing down to Trump's continued obstruction - but - it's great for them to say that - yet they're not even threading water here. They're falling behind.

So I'm trying to think out of the box here. I'm thinking that there must be some way we could exert pressure on the Repugs to help us deal with Trump. After all - they have legacies to protect. They have families, extended families, friends and colleagues - that will all have to suffer the effects of whatever Trump decides to spring on us next. Trump's actions will be with us for decades and well beyond that if we don't deal with him soon. He needs to be removed from the presidency. If the Dems won't go the impeachment route - which they are being fatalistic - and giving up before it's even started by saying - it won't make it through the Senate. McConnell is talking tough - but what if he's bluffing just to make us not even attempt to deal with Trump. How do we know if Mitch is not terrified of the prospect of impeachment - and just talking tough so we quit before we even try.

Is there someway we could reason with them to deal with Trump? What would the Repugs do if the shoe were on the other foot? They remind me of a toy I had as a kid - a car - that when it hit a wall - it changed direction and still kept going. No matter what it banged into it would always manage to change direction and keep on moving.

Can we appeal to the Repugs patriotism for the country? Could we make an appeal to them to defend the Constitution?

I thought when we took the House - we at least had somewhat of an upper hand with Trump. That he'd have to play ball with us. But now he's just turned up his nose in defiance and is stonewalling every attempt we make to perform our Constitutional Duty of 'Oversight'. He won't cooperate. He's just running out the clock.

Our last hope is the 2020 election. But we know that Trump will pull out all the stops to cheat, steal, suppress and get Russian support to remain in office. Hell - he's even saying that he expects to take back the House as well as maintaining the Senate and the WH.

We need to be creative here - but I gotta believe that there is someway we can appeal to the Repugs to help us prevent Trump from destroying our Democracy beyond repair. What kind of pressure can we exert on them to get them to deal with Trump?

I've Read And Keep Hearing That The Repugs Are Talking About Retaking The House.....

Do they really have a chance at doing that in 2020? Is that realistic? Could it happen?

Forgiving Student Loans.....

Just heard someone say there is approximately $1 Trillion in student loans out there. He went on to say it would be that big a hit to the U.S. Economy if loans were forgiven and it would be a tax on the people that don't have loans.

But - when an individual's loans are forgiven - the money that used to be used to pay down those loans can now be channeled back into the economy in other ways that would benefit the economy. Former students that struggled to pay down their loans and still salvage somewhat of a life for themselves can now channel that money into maybe moving out of their parents houses and set out on their own. They can afford to get married. They could buy homes. They could furnish their homes. They can start a family. They can buy a better car to move their family.

All that money would be put back into the economy where supply and demand kicks in and churns the economy. More houses built. More appliances made. More cars sold. etc, etc, etc. All the while creating tax revenues that get pumped back into the economy.

To me it's a no brainer to forgive student loans. The U.S. Economy would be paid back in a big way that would pump up the Economy.

I'm for forgiving the student loan debt and the sooner the better.

Has Anyone Ever Checked Faux News To Determine If They Use Any.....

subliminal messaging to brainwash their viewers? I just read somewhere else that Trump watches Faux religiously like he was addicted.

With Respect To Rudy's Appearance On Meet The Press Yesterday......

I can see where staunch Trump supporters could believe everything Rudy said regarding the Mueller Report. I can see where he comes off believable to them.

What is needed is for someone to take his words on that show and - sentence by sentence - debunk what he was saying and insinuating. He made a lot of accusations about Hillary and Obama and Chuck Todd (IMHO) didn't do a good job of making Rudy prove what he was saying.

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