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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 02:47 AM
Number of posts: 22,870

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Trump Says He Has Nothing To Hide - Good - Then....

make your taxes available to us Donnie.

Will Someone Explain To Me How Mueller's Grand Jury Is Still Engaged Post Mueller Report....

and Roger Stone is not resolved? What about Flynn and Gates? Are their cases resolved? What else is lingering on 'post Mueller'? Is Mueller still involved in all that or has that been turned over to other members of the Mueller team or other parts of the DOJ?

Katy Tur Just Said This....

Maybe the Dems should stop talking about the Mueller Investigation/Report and start talking about Health Care.

Do you think that is exactly why Trump brought up killing Obamacare now? Is he hoping to change the narrative away from Mueller, the investigation, the report, collusion and obstruction of justice. Is this ACA/Obamacare thing just a distraction to take our minds off of all that could possibly bring Trump down? Does he not want us to see how the Repugs (led by McTurtle and Barr) are covering this whole thing up?

I'll Ask Again - Is Mueller Under A Gag Order?......

If not - why hasn't the MSM sought him out for an interview?

Here's An Idea For A Presidential Campaign Commercial That Practically Writes Itself.......

Voice Over: Is Donald Trump a Russian Asset?

Voice Over: Trump asked for Russian assistance.
- show the clip of Trump saying "Russia if you're listening.....Hillary's e-mails"

Voice Over: Trump received Russian assistance.
- show a clip of the e-mails hitting the news media

Voice Over: Trump benefited from Russian assistance.
- show a clip of the surprise of Trump winning the election

Voice Over: Trump rewarded Russian assistance.
- show a clip of Trump removing Russian sanctions

Voice Over: Collusion? You tell me!!!!

Commercial Ends with a clip of Trump being friendly with Putin in Helsinki

Voice Over: Do you really want to take the chance and re-elect this man?

YOU DECIDE - Vote Tuesday November 3, 2020

Just Heard Jeremy Bash On AM Joe Say The Following About Trump....

Trump asked for Russian assistance.
Trump received Russian assistance.
Trump benefited from Russian assistance.
Trump rewarded Russian assistance.

I never heard it said quite so concisely.

And yet the Barr Letter/Mueller Report tells us there was 'no collusion'`

How Did Barr Get Introduced Into The Trump Administration?.....

Surely Trump didn't know him. Who got Barr to Trump?

If Conclusive Evidence Is Now Found (After Mueller Report) About Collusion....

by Trump and his minions can that be used against him or does 'double jeopardy' kick in?

Is There A Gag Order On Mueller?....

Why hasn't he been sought out by the MSM to make a comment on the ending of his investigation, the filing of his report and the interpretation by Barr?

Unless Mueller is part and parcel to some sort of cover-up to help Trump and the Repugs - don't you think he would be very upset by how the 2 years of his investigation is being played out by Trump, the Repugs and the MSM?

Have We Missed The Point Of The Mueller Investigation?....

It seems the focus today is on the 'no collusion' issue and the exonerating of Trump. Shouldn't the focus be on the fact that our 2016 Presidential Election was interfered with to the point that compromised the election?

Shouldn't our focus be on - How do we prevent future foreign interference in our elections?

How many Russians did Mueller indict? Didn't he prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the Russians interfered in 2016?
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