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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 02:47 AM
Number of posts: 22,870

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The Crap Doesn't Stop - My Head Is Spinning This Morning......

I wake up to Trump's tweets about Cohen and then the lies surrounding giving Kushner Security Clearance. Everyday we get drawn further and further into the cesspool of Trump. This has got to stop. It's got to be stopped. Mueller and the House Dem Investigations has to get to the bottom of all this corruption and put a stop to it once and for all.

Quite A Contrast Between A Repug Being Subjected To Testimony Versus .....

how Cohen conducted himself today.

Cohen answered all the questions respectfully an directly. He didn't try to filibuster to run out the questioners time. I was impressed by his testimony. Well done!!!!

That Blond Is Back Again Behind Cohen's Left Shoulder....

She makes faces. Looks like she's talking to somebody. Laughs and rolls her eyes. She really is a distraction and I'm curious to know who she is and what her connection to this whole thing is? Does anyone know?

Who Is The Animated Blond Over Cohen's Left Shoulder?....

She's been taking pictures, laughing and making facial gestures all through his testimony.

Great Response By Cohen To Describe His Breaking Point From Trump.....

that's going to be a clip that will be replayed over and over. What caused him to break from protecting Trump and giving this testimony today.

One Thing I Disagree With Cohen On Is Him Saying Trump Didn't Expect To Win.....

yet everything we know about the Trump campaign - from the time he came down the escalator at Trump Tower in NYC till the time it was announced he won the presidency - everything his campaign did was done to 'win the election'.

That includes all the dealings with the Russians and what they did to help him win.

Why do they continue to say they didn't think they would win?

And why did Trump actively set in motion the wheels of a 2020 re-election campaign?

Years From Now When This Trump Business Is Over.....

and history records Trump, his family and his organization as criminal - how will the Repugs like Jordan - who have continually circled the wagons around Trump justify their actions?

Russia If You're Listening We Can Sure Use That....

Pee Pee Tape right about now.

Just How Exactly Does Kim Get To Hanoi By Train From NK?....

Is there really track that goes from NK to Viet Nam?


What would Repugs Do? (WWRD)

With respect to the Dems handling the release of the Mueller Report and all the investigations in the House going forward - the Dems should keep this in mind. If the shoe were on the other foot - how would the Repugs handle it? What would the Repugs do?

We all know they would hold nothing back - and the Dems shouldn't either.
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