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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 02:47 AM
Number of posts: 22,870

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Has Anyone Come Across Letters To The Editor From Former Trumpers.....

that have decided to drop Trump?

I have to believe that some people that supported and voted for Trump have broken away from Trump and have written a Letter To The Editor of their local paper.

When I was traveling recently I saw such a letter and now I'm sorry I didn't keep it.

I think it would be nifty to post such letters here at DU so we could learn why people have moved from Trump and use their words/letters to convince other Trumper's to drop Trump as well.

What a better way to turn 'deplorables' but to use words from one of their own to get others to see the light.

It would be good if we could post such letters here so we all could use them to turn additional 'deplorables'.

I Wish Someone Would Take The Time To Put A Repug Organization Chart Together.....

I would love to see an organization chart of how the Repugs function in this highly partisan environment in this country.

Included should be:

the Repug Think Tanks
the RNC
the Conservative Media (...Fox News; Right Wing talk shows; Hannity; Rush; etc
the Trump Administration
the Evangelical's
the Corporate lobbyists
the rich 1%
foreign influencers (i.e., Putin; the Saudi's; Bibi; etc...
the Repug Senate
the Repug House
retired Repugs

I would like to know just how their talking points are created and how they are distributed and just who reports to who. Who really makes all their decisions; and just who directs the Repug Party? Is Trump really the leader?

Does Fox News take the lead or who do they get their marching orders from - Trump?; RNC? Think Tanks? etc......

I think of their organization as an elaborate propaganda machine that has been functioning for years and making a concerted effort - through small imperceptible changes - in individual states and in D.C. - that collectively come to the apex we are experiencing now with the current administration.

Wouldn't it be an interesting exercise to put together such an organization chart?

Just Thought Of The Perfect Punishment For Trump....

Make him watch Hallmark Christmas Movies 24/7 for the rest of his life.

The Pressure Is On Trump & The Repugs To Win At All Counts.....

this is why they will go to any extreme. Trump knows that if he loses in 2020 or is impeached he will be going to jail. SDNY will get him. The Repugs know that if the Dems win in 2020 that they will be investigated up and down and a lot of what they and Trump accomplished in the last 3 years will be undone. Also - many of them might go to jail as well.

This is why they embrace conspiracy theories. Anything they can do to sully the minds of voters to keep them in power goes. This is why we need to watch for increased voter suppression, cheating and stealing of votes. Again anything goes to keep them in power.

No Collusion - No Obstruction - I'm Exonerated......

Thanks to Barr's intercepting and writing his interpretation of the Mueller Report - he basically took the wind out of its sails and gave Trump talking points that he repeated and repeated until the Mueller Report was rendered impotent.

Because that seemed to work for Trump - it appears that they are employing the same tactic now with respect to this impeachment inquiry and the use of Sondland's telephone call to Trump where Trump said - No Quid Pro Quo.

Remember Trump's hand held note the other day where he read the exact words of Sondland's testimony regarding this call.

That is the new mantra for Trump to hang his hat on and he is out there now running that phrase into the ground - hoping to render the impeachment inquiry impotent as well.

No Quid Pro Quo - No Quid Pro Quo - No Quid Pro Quo - No Quid Pro Quo

Will this work for Trump a second time? Hmmmmm........

Where's Rudy?....

I kinda wonder what's going through his head now?

What About Other Witnesses That Should Appear Before This Committee That.....

the WH is preventing from appearing:

Rudy; Pompeo; Mulvaney; Perry; etc

All hiding under the guise of executive privilege.

About The Call From Sondland To Trump Where Trump Says - No Quid Quo Pro.....

What was the timing of that call? Was Quid Quo Pro being talked about in the media before that call? If so - was the call a set-up so that Trump could say he didn't want Quid Quo Pro just for PresZ to do his job.

It just sounds very fishy to me. Quid Quo Pro as a phrase doesn't seem like something that Trump would come up with by himself. It almost sounds like he was told to say it so it could be used as an excuse.

Does anybody know? What was the timing of that call?

Mr. Sondland - Would You Say That Justice Is Being Obstructed.....

because you can't get access of your notes and records from Dept of State and the WH?

I'd like to hear his answer to this one.

Nunes Has His Gangster Suit On Today....

Looks like he got it on the set of the Untouchables.
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