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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 02:47 AM
Number of posts: 22,870

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Yesterday & Today I Watched MSNBC Almost Exclusively And There Was No Mention Of.....

Trump playing golf during the raid or that this situation room pic was staged. Why?

It seems to me that this would be a big story for them to tout. However, nothing about it.

If this was Obama - this would be the story at the top of the news.

If it is true that Trump was on the golf course during the raid and that this situation room pic is staged - why wouldn't they want to talk about that? Are they protecting Trump?

Do they think that Trump would retaliate with Tweets saying that they are trying to discredit him.

I just don't get it.

If Trump made up the fact that he watched the raid in real time; that aB ran into the one-way cave crying and whimpering - why are they letting him get away with that?

So Was Trump Golfing During The Raid & Was The Situation Room Pic.....

staged? I didn't hear about this today. What's the story?

Did He Say How Long The Military Was On The Ground At The Scene Of.....

this raid?

Just listened to Richard Engel and he indicated that the compound was destroyed and left in ruins after our forces left.

I'm curious as to how long were they on the ground? Trump indicated that they removed 11 children and some women and perhaps some other men (the ones that weren't killed) that were in the compound.

They supposedly chased aB into a one way cave with his three children - where he blew himself up.

They had to spend considerable time on the ground at the compound in order to make sure that they got everyone out; that they recovered sensitive documents; that they were able to do a field DNA test; etc.

Then they supposedly destroyed the compound as they left. I'm just wondering about the timeline. Was all this possible because as Trump described it there was some sense of speed with which the whole thing was initiated and culminated.

How were they sure that they got everyone out of the compound before they blew it up?

And Now Watch This Drive.....nt

Now We Just Sit Back And Wait For.....

the retaliation by ISIS.

Might this killing of al Bagdahdi be the start of a new round of terrorism aimed at the U.S. and our forces?

Was al Baghdadi Quid Pro Quo?......

Was al Baghdadi the tit for the tat? Was that the deal with Erdogan? I'll give you the Kurds - if you give me al Baghdadi so I can be great like Obama and Bin Laden. Hmmmmm.........

I Bet Trump Will Have A Staged Picture Of Himself In The Situation Room.....

like the one of Obama when they took out Bin Laden. You remember - the one with Biden and Hillary in the room with him.

He's going to use this to say what a great president I am - how can you impeach me.

What Will The Repugs Do When The Public Hearings Begin?.....

When the Dems move into the next phase of this impeachment process - the Public Hearings - how will the Repugs deal with them?

In the Public Hearings - the damming testimony which is now being gathered will be put out there in the open. The Repugs can't hide behind saying that the Dems are conducting this whole thing in secrecy and can't use that to sully the process.

The dots will be connected and the Dems will paint the picture of the crimes Trump and his minions engaged in and attempted to cover up. There will be no place for the Repugs to go or hide.

There will be no way that the Repugs can sway public opinion as the evidence gets displayed and those public officials that are being deposed now are put together to lay out the case against Trump.

The Dems will clearly show the facts that will undeniably lead to Articles of Impeachment for Trump.

Any guesses as to what the Repugs move is during this next phase of the impeachment process to circle the wagons for Trump - or will they have no alternative but to acknowledge Trump's crimes and vote for impeachment/Trump's removal - in the Senate?

What Is Rep Matt Gaetz Trying To Achieve? - What's His Angle?....

With all the antics this guy pulls I sit back and wonder what is his end game? What is he trying to achieve?

Is he doing what he does to get re-elected? Raise money? Get noticed by the MSM so he gets more air time for cable news interviews? Moving up in the ranks of Repugs by doing crazy things? Get in the good graces of Trump?

Does he realize that he just makes an ass of himself?

I don't get him. What's his story?

After Today's Testimony By Taylor - Any Repug In The House Or Senate That.....

circles the wagon for Trump - should go down with Trump.

Any one of them that circles the wagon for Trump now - have to really think twice - if they want to look like a complete weak toady.

It seems to me that they have to think long and hard - how they want to be perceived going forward and if they want to go down with the ship.
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