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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 02:47 AM
Number of posts: 22,852

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What Amazes Me Is That Trump Has Never Lost His Cool......

in public. He might ramble on while talking or being interviewed. He might lie through his teeth. We always hear that he goes off on tirades while in the WH. However, whenever we see him in public - either being interviewed; holding a campaign event; addressing the MSM; etc - he never loses his cool and goes off in a tirade.

Given the stress he is under with the Mueller investigation and all the people that surround him being indicted or charged and going to jail - he is mostly controlled when in public. Even the meeting he had a couple of weeks ago with Chuck and Nancy - where he took responsibility for shutting down the government - he did that in a reasonably controlled manner.

I would love to see him lose it one of these days and really letting go with a bunch of expletives. A real tirade in public. Not just dressing down CNN's Acosta. I mean a real tirade. I believe he is capable of doing that - but somehow when he's in public he's able to control it. Maybe the lying helps in this case?

I actually think that Twitter is his way of blowing off steam. I can't imagine if he didn't have Twitter at his disposal what he would be like.

So What Kind Of Russian Ties Does Howard.....

Schultz have? Did Putin put him up to running to sap votes from the Dems and give Trump a second term?

Just Watched Fahrenheit 11/9 And Am More Depressed Than Ever.....

Rented it from Redbox. Though depressed - I recommend all Americans watch it. Michael Moore sure tells it like it is.

Sam Nunberg Has Been Showing Up A Lot Lately On MSNBC....

what do you think of this guy?

I Remember When Government Shutdowns Used To Be Temporary.....

Trump again has normalized government openings as temporary.

When will our long nightmare be over? Come on Mueller lets end this thing.

He's Still Sticking To The Wall....

Hmmm - now he's calling it a 'smart wall' though.

I'm hearing Chuck and Nancy quite a bit in what he's saying.

It'll be interesting to see Coulter and Limbaugh's take on this.

Is He On Teleprompter?....

He had to get in that he can still call a National Emergency.

Didn't Rudy Say Something About Info Will Be Coming To Discredit HRC.....

I don't remember exactly what was said or when it was said - but it was like Rudy had prior knowledge of some info being released before it was released.

If anybody remembers this - what did he say and how does this fit in with the timeline of Stone's problems?

Wake Me Up When They Indict Don Jr., Jared &....


Did Michael Cohen Say He'd Take A Bullet For Trump Or.....

from Trump?
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