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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 02:47 AM
Number of posts: 22,870

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Does Anyone Here Know Anything About "Magic - The Gathering" Cards?.....

I recently purchased a binder of 1059 cards each in a plastic sleeve (9 sleeves to a page). All the cards appear to be in excellent condition. Paging through the binder I can see some doubles of certain cards. In a separate plastic pencil case included in the binder are the original boxes these cards were sold in. Each box is flattened to be accommodated by the case. Looks like some rule books as to how to play the game as well.

I purchased this collection because it looked intriguing to me and I'm not wondering if I have anything of value.

What can you tell me about this game? Who plays it? And perhaps the value of such a collection/cards?

Any info would be appreciated.

Has Trump Played Golf Since He Went For Is.....

so-called impromtu physical?

Does Anyone Here On DU Know Someone That Lives In A Trump Building?....

His buildings are all over the world. We have one here in Chicago. If you have a personal relationship with or know someone that lives in a Trump building - what have they told you about their experience living there? What kind of people/person are they? I would assume they are wealthy. How did they make their money?

I don't know of - nor do any of my friends, colleagues or acquaintances - know of anyone that lives in his buildings. I'm just curious as to the profile of such people. What are they like? How did they make their money? Why did they choose a Trump property?

Your comments will be appreciated.

I've Been Looking For A Description Of All The Crap Trump Has Pulled Since Elected And.....

finally found it on Seth Meyer's show in a Closer Look. So I DVR'd it and played it back line by line and here is what he said of Trump:

You know the serial racist criminal who’s already cheated in one election; obstructed justice in the investigation of that election; used his office to enrich himself; solicited bribes, inflicted human rights abuses on migrant families; has been accused of multiple sexual assaults; and has six close associates indicted or jailed.

You know the guy who almost definitely committed tax fraud; admitted he broke the law by misusing his personal charity to help his campaign; began his presidency by settling a fraud lawsuit over a scam university; orchestrated an extortion scheme to cheat in the 2020 election; tried to cover it up; got caught; and obstructed Congress; directed an illegal scheme to pay hush money to cover up and illicit affair and drove his golf cart onto a green. That Guy.

I know that he's done more than just the above and would appreciate anyone adding to this list of crimes by Trump. My goal is to have as much of his offenses as I can gather and have it printed out in one place so I can copy and pass out to anyone I know that supports Trump.

Your additions to this list are welcome.

The Moving Background Is Giving Me Motion Sickness....

I can't watch.

How Will Impeachment Effect The Trump Brand?

It's seems to me that it will hurt Trump Org all around the world. Any thoughts?

I Have An Idea As To How To Shorten These Proceedings.....

Make it mandatory that every Congressperson needs to be present and seated in the chamber for all the proceedings. Make it mandatory that they have to hear what every one of their colleagues says.

Right now - the come in just before they're scheduled to make their statement and they leave right after they make their statement.

How is that fair to both sides?

I Don't Have A Twitter Account - I Just Want To Know If Trump Is Tweeting.....

today as this spectacle in the House proceeds.

Can The Dems Pull A Nadler And Hold The Vote Over....

till tomorrow?

I Hear That The Repugs Will Be Responding To The Dems Words....

in real time. They have people at the WH listening and will communicate rebuts to the floor as needed.

My question is - will the Dems have a team listening and will they do the same?

We know the Repugs will not be dealing in facts. They will be dealing in conspiracy theories, non-facts and out and out lies.

The Dems need to be fact checking everything said and rebut in real time. If they don't do this - a lot of false info will be passed on to the American People.

An example would be talk by the Repugs of the 'transcript' of the famed telephone call. It's not a transcript. The real transcript is kept away from us.

The Dems need to point this out as the Repugs try and get away with that falsehood.

Everytime the Repugs try tactics like that - the Dems need to set the facts straight. If they don't - this can get away from them in Fox News fashion.
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