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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 02:47 AM
Number of posts: 22,870

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The Dems Need To Call His Bluff....

let him shut down the government. It will hurt the Repugs in Nov.

Is Fox News Blackmailing Trump?......

If Fox News turns on Trump and starts bad mouthing him - Trump can lose his base rather quickly. We know that the Fox News audience is composed of 'deplorables' or Trump supporters - Trump's base.

Are the powers that be at Fox holding that against Trump in return for him to bad mouth other news organizations and to support Fox News programs - like Hannity and Tucker, etc?

Are they telling Trump - if you don't support us - we'll crush you?

A Dumb Question - If Juliani Knows Trump Has Committed Obstruction ....

isn't he obstructing as well by trying to help Trump lie his way out of this? Or is this kind of action by a lawyer acceptable?

For Anybody Else Cohen's Revelation Would Have Been Game, Set & Match.....

The revelation of Trump knowing about the Trump Tower Meeting with Russians before the fact would have knocked off any other President. Impeachment proceedings would have been initiated immediately.

What I'm concerned about now is that by the time Mueller issues his findings and report - that this Trump Tower thing will be old news that was talked to death by the MSM and it won't have the impact it should have.

Trump will wind up skating on this to as he has with everything. I think that was the incentive for getting this story out now.

My Theory As To Why Ivanka And Jared Plan To Stay In D.C. Awhile....

I think Ivanka senses that the walls are closing in on Trump with respect to the Mueller investigation, Putin and Russian collusion, Cohen flipping, more tapes, and today the word that Trump knew about the Trump Tower meeting.

I also think that Ivanka knows that Trump in order to save himself will throw anybody under the bus - even his kids.

With this in mind I think Ivanka and Jared want to be very near Trump during this time and give him all the support they can - so Trump doesn't throw them under the bus.

Do you think I'm on to something here?

So Will The Repugs Circle The Wagons For Trump....


Can we let Trump make a SCOTUS appointment now?


Things are getting interesting!!!!!

Is Jim Jordan Out Of The Woods In The Sexual Assault Scandal .....

at Ohio State?

Who Is Trump's Fixer Now That Cohen Is On....

the outs with Trump?

I Learned Today That "Kevin Probably Saves The World" Was Cancelled.....

I'm really bummed about that - because it was a great show with an uplifting message. The cast was great too. Is anyone else here a fan of this show? Is there a chance that we can convince ABC to bring it back? Jason Ritter was a pleasure to watch in his role in this show.

I also learned that "The Crossing" will not have a second season. I'm never going to watch another network science fiction show again. I've been stung many times before where I get hooked on a show and it doesn't survive to a second season. They just kind of leave their viewers hanging.

I just learned that 'Designated Survivor" didn't make it either. What's wrong with these network execs and their cancelling so many good shows?

The Latest Distraction.....

This all CAPS post by Trump on Iran.

What are we being distracted from?

1. Trump's Treasonous Performance In Helsinki
2. The SCOTUS appointment. Kavanaugh is coasting through his meetings with Congress
3. The North Korean debacle
4. The Mueller Investigation
5. Michael Cohen's Tapes
6. The lack of doing anything to prevent Russia from interfering in Nov 2018
7. The Parkland Students tour of the country to register young voters
8. Puerto Rico's vulnerability to withstand another devastating storm
9. Trump's targeting the Fed to take the fall when the Repug tax cuts fail
10. The Affordable Care Act being taken apart bit by bit and going back to the old failed system.

There are a 101 other things that the Repugs and Trump are undoing right before our eyes - but today he distracted us into war talk on Iran.

This madness has to stop.
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