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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 02:47 AM
Number of posts: 22,705

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Trump Is Running Out Of Things To Blame On Obama & The Dems.....

He and the Repugs will soon be responsible for everything they've changed or overturned. They'll have to shoulder the blame for everything. The economy. Healthcare. Immigration. Environment. Etc. etc. etc.

Any Reason To Believe That Justice Kennedy Was Approached By Mueller.....

so Mueller could get to the bottom of the personal relationships the Trump's have with Kennedy and his family?

Could that be a reason why Kennedy is retiring from SCOTUS?

Help Me Here - When I Join A Club. Organization, A Warehouse Club.....

or a cable TV, satellite TV, Sirius Radio, etc - I pay a membership fee, dues, or some kind of fee and for that fee I get the benefits of the Club, Organization, Warehouse Club, etc - and those people that don't pay the membership fee - don't get the benefits.

Now with respect to unions - I can understand that some people may not want to join a union and that is their choice. What I don't understand is why those people that don't want to join the union derive any benefit of or from the union just because they work in a union shop. These non-joiners get these benefits of the union on the backs of people that made the choice to join and pay their membership fee.

How did this disparity come about? Why should non-union workers derive any benefit of the union if they don't want to join?

Why can't their be distinct pay grades and benefits for union people that are different and better than that of those people that chose not to join?

Seems to me that union members that pay their dues have a beef here that can be taken to the Supreme Court and flipped 180 in the other direction.

If you don't join - no benefits. If you join - you derive benefits of the union.

Why does the union have to represent both the joiners and non-joiners?

Can somebody explain that to me.

[Note: I realize that now is probably not the time to talk about the Supreme Court hearing such a case. I guess timing is everything and I'm a little off on that timing.]

If The Shoe Were On The Other Foot - What Would The Repugs Do....

in this situation? You can bet your boots that they just wouldn't bend over and take it. They would be fighting with every ounce of energy they have and it would probably be a dirty fight at that.

We Need To Have An Historic Voter Turnout For The Nov 2018 Election....

I've posted this many times before on DU and will keep on posting this until the Nov 2018 election is over. It needs to be the biggest voter turnout in U.S. history for any election. We need to send a meaningful message to the Repugs & Trump. So - GOTV!!!!!!

We know the Repugs are going to pull out all the stops to suppress votes, cheat, steal votes and have Russian help. The only way we'll be able to counteract this is to have people come out to vote in historic numbers in Nov. Make it the highest voter turnout than any election ever in the U.S.

We owe this to the future generations of this country. Right now I'm thinking of the millennials and those that follow - essentially - our children and grandchildren. I'm thinking the millennials are a little older and maybe out of college and starting careers and families. I believe we need to work on that group of potential voters. It is too easy for them to be distracted and not take an interest in politics and that they may be more apt to sit out an election. This is also the group that is laden with staggering college loans that they may never get out from under.

We need to make sure that that group realizes that their best interests are at stake in the Nov 2018 election. Especially if they are starting a family - as many political decisions that will be made if the Repugs maintain control of Congress - and now SCOTUS - will directly have an impact on their kids and their kids kids.

We can't take Nov 2018 for granted there has been a lot of talk about a Blue Wave. What I'm worried about is that many will sit back and say we got this in the bag and maybe not come out to vote. We can't let that happen. This is why all Congressional Dems must stay on message and do everything in their power to influence their constituents to GOTV. We need to turn the Blue Wave into a Blue Tsunami.

Today was like another nail in the coffin of this democracy. With a SCOTUS appointment again for Trump it will change this country for generations to come. The Dems need to fight like they never fought before. Screw taking the high road. Where has it gotten us?

So again - the Nov 2018 Midterms need to be a 'most historic election'. We need to make the midterms the highest voter turnout of any election in this country and we have to do everything in our power to take back the House and Senate (even if by one seat in the Senate).

I'm not social media savvy - but those of you that are - you need to get this message out on social media ASAP. Again the purpose is to 'get people out for the Nov 2018 Midterms to make it the highest voter turnout of any election ever in this country'.

GOTV!!!!! TABA!!!! (Take America Back Again)

Can Things Get Any Worse?.....

I just can't take it any more.

Do You Think The Minority SCOTUS Judges Are Frustrated?.....

I know I would be if I were them.

Why Brick And Mortar Stores Are On The Endangered List.....

Yesterday my clothes washer went out. It wouldn't go through all the cycles like rinse and spin. I had to bail out the water and took the wet clothes over to a friends house to finish the cleaning and drying.

I quickly went to the internet and diagnosed the problem. My 'lid switch' went out. I went to youtube and found videos as to how to replace the 'lid switch' on my own. Pretty easy job. I found the original papers from the washer where I had the Model Number. Using the Model Number - I found the exact part that I need for replacement.

To expedite matters - I called a local appliance parts store and asked them if they had the part. They did. I could have picked it up today and fixed the machine - but when I asked the chap at the parts store how much the part would cost - he told me $50.00. I knew that was kind of high cause I saw the same part cheaper on the internet. So I told the guy let me think about it and I'd maybe call back.

So I went back to the internet and to make a long story short - I ordered the same part from Amazon for $7.84 + standard shipping for a total of $13.50 to be delivered by June 28th. I just got an e-mail from Amazon saying the part shipped already. I'll probably get the part before the 28th.

I felt like calling the guy up at the parts store and telling him how much money I saved ordering over the internet. I don't think they have the foggiest idea as to how cheap things can be bought over the internet and because of that they aren't even close to being competitive.

It's this lack of their doing good due diligence on competitive pricing that will drive these guys out of the business. If they were in the $20.00 ballpark - I probably would have bought the part for them - simply because I could have had the machine up and running today. I would have paid up for the convenience. But the disparity of pricing from $50.00 to $13.50 was just too much.

I Was Out Socially Last Night At A 70th Birthday Party....

All the people except one couple are now old baby boomers. The one couple are millennials.

I noticed that politics didn't come up all night - except one obtuse comment - by one of the female boomers. She said she doesn't watch the late night shows anymore - because they are all political.

I held my tongue and didn't engage and today when I'm reflecting on that and last evening I have this observation. People are purposely avoiding talking politics because one does not know how the people in the room will react.

I believe that we should in situations like this - talk. It seems like the only way we might be able to get through to some hard core Repugs or Trumpsters. Unfortunately - one does not want to engage for fear of the repercussions and reactions and for me - because I didn't know how people in the room felt about Trump, the Repugs, the Dems, the separated families I think I either didn't want to start something I couldn't finish or maybe have the room turn against me or I really don't have a good explanation.

One thing I think that has happened with Trump is that people now avoid the topic altogether and as a result - without decent dialogue - one doesn't even have a chance to change opinions or learn why others might not have my/your opinion.

I don't think that is good. Because without dialogue - people just dig in more and nothing changes.

Again - reflecting on last night - I just had to put this post out. I really don't know if this will even serve a purpose.

I'm Impressed By Sen. Richard Blumenthal, (D-Conn) Every Time I Hear Him....

on the cable news programs. Do you think he could be a good Dem candidate for President in 2020?
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