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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 02:47 AM
Number of posts: 22,852

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Kathy Griffin On Seth Meyer's Tonight....

she's making a comeback. It oughta be good.

Are You Watching MSNBC Now....

look at how effective Trump's fence is. They are climbing it. I feel so sorry for these desperate people.

Will Anybody Be Fact Checking Trump's Speech Tonight?....

He made some fantastic claims and I'm thinking they were all lies.

Fear - It Is What This Country Is Being Anchored To And....

this fear in some way impacts on every one of us. I just heard a lesbian on AM Joy say that she fears that the LGBTQ rights that they've gained through legislation can be taken away at a moments notice.

Thinking about that - this fear sits within the minds of basically all of us.

Others that are impacted by fear - DACA babies. Immigrants in general. Elderly people worried about Medicare or Social Security being taken away. Or that the stock market will go south and they would lose all their retirement money. Gun advocates fearing that their guns will be taken away. Rich fearing that their money will be taken away (yes they have that fear that's why they cling to their money so closely). The fear that grips Wall Street that causes them to imagine the worse and cause the stock market to crash or a company to go belly up. Fear that someone will steal your identiy and cause one to lose all. Fear that someone will use your postings on the Internet against you in some way. Minorities fearing that their voting rights will be taken away or fearing that they will be shot by police that fear that whomever they stop have a gun and will turn it on them. Students that fear that they will go to school and never return home because a shooter will kill them in their classroom. Parents that fear when they send their kid to school they may never see them again. Fear that politicians have that they will not be re-elected. Women that fear that they will be sexually be assaulted by a man. Men that fear that a woman may accuse them of an assault to get back at them. Fear that you may have an illness that would bankrupt you. Fear that you may lose your job or your house. Fear that you might not be able to continue to support your house because of rising property taxes. Fear that because of financial reasons that a company might not be doing the proper maintenance on transportation devices (planes, trains, buses, trucks, cars, etc) and that they may fail and will mame or kill you. Fear that if you pray to the wrong God or say the wrong prayer you may lose your job or religious rights. Fear that Congress won't heed the warnings of climate change and reverse legislation that will endanger the environment. A farmer fearing that they will lose their livelihood because of climate change, tariffs, lack of workers to harvest their crops. Fear that a stupid tweet by a deranged president may lead us into a nuclear war. Fear of you son, daughter, husband, wife, significant other will be killed in some foreign country because of inexperienced people running and ruining our government and our relationships with allies and foes around the world. I'm sure that there are countless other examples of the fear that we live under on a day to day basis that I've failed to mention here in this post.

Fear!!! FEar!!! FEAr!!!! FEAR!!!!

All we've worked for and toiled for can be taken away at a moments notice.

I ask you is this any way to live our lives?

If Dr. Ronnie Went Before A Congressional Committee And Was Under Oath - Could They.....

have asked him details about Trump's physical and the results thereof? Could they have asked him if Trump had him falsify any of the results?

I assumed when I woke up this morning that Dr. Ronnie would have withdrawn his name from the running. I was right. What tipped me off that this would be the outcome is when I heard it reported yesterday on one of the news channels that Testor (MT) reminded John Kelly that Dr. Ronnie would be under oath. I think that was a shot across the bow of TrumpCo and was the catalyst for Dr. Ronnie withdrawing his name this morning.

The Presidency Wasn't Meant To Be A License To Steal And Commit Crimes.....

with a get out of jail free pass. If this country is going to survive this attack on democracy - all of Trump's people involved in all the illegal and criminal activities that they have foisted upon this country and the American People need to suffer the consequences and pay for them by being prosecuted and punished.

If they all walk away with pardons it will be the end of the country as we know it. I don't think I can handle that sort of outcome.

Haven't Heard Much Of John Kelly Lately......

is he on the outs with Trump?

Are These World Leaders That Meet With Trump Just Being Polite Or...

do they really like the guy?

Has Mnuchen Made Any Comments On The Haley Announcement Of Sanctions.....

she mentioned his name when she made her statement last week. Was he confused too?

Why Is Scott Pruitt So Paranoid?.....

Is there something in his past that scares the hell out of him? Does he have a food taster too?

Is he somehow tied to Russians - like most of the rest of Trump's people?

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