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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 02:47 AM
Number of posts: 22,852

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While Trump Is In The White House He Should Binge Watch - Lost.....

maybe he'll get an idea for a 'perimeter fence'.

Check out this link:

Trump's Big Mouth & The Likes Of His Conservative Friends.....

Hannity, Coulter, Limbaugh and Ingraham will bring him down. He doesn't realize that who he thinks are his friends will really be his downfall. They helped back him into this 'shutdown' corner that he's in and it looks as if they are keeping him in that corner. Now he's too afraid to do anything to get him out of his 'shutdown' predicament so as not to disappoint his friends.

Just Saw Mary Poppins Returns And Am Wondering What Others Thought Of It?.....

I was disappointed.

If You Missed Last Night's Episode of Madam Secretary - Try And Catch It On The Internet.....

Here's a description:

Elizabeth goes head to head with a U.S. Governor over the State's new policy of separating unauthorized immigrants from their children.

Last night was Part I of this episode that will be continued on next week.

They depicted the inside of one of the detention facilities holding the children and they portrayed the mindset of people in support of this separation policy.

I teared up watching this episode and was incensed by the heartless rhetoric expressed by those in support of this separation policy.

This episode - I'm sure - was based on the sentiment in this country about this issue. It was well presented and I believe every American should try and watch this.

I'm curious if any other DU'ers here watched this and what you thought of it.

We Will Never Be Rid Of Trump......

Whether he resigns or is impeached or is voted out of office in 2020 - we will never be rid of Trump.

It is in his personality to be in our face. He will continue to use the power of the twitter and the TV to be in our face and make his inane comments about anything and everything - just to be the center of attention. He will be critical of everything and continually tell us how he is better or how he could have done it better. He will continue to tell us what wonderful things he did for us as pResident.

And you can be sure that the cable news shows and the talking heads will continue to recognize his inane comments and make them a news story of the day as they think it will play well with us and we are weighing on everything he says or does.

Even if he winds up in an orange suit incarcerated or dies - there will be countless books, documentaries and movies about him, his family, his time in office, his early years, his dalliances, etc, etc, etc. You can be sure that anyone who has worked in his administration will have their own stories to tell about his daily activities, his pouts and blowups, his health status, etc, etc, etc.

We will be inundated with Trump - even if he winds up poor and penniless and living in a refrigerator box under a viaduct somewhere - it will be all Trump all the time.

Yes - we will never be rid of this tragic man. I post this as a warning. Be ready for it - no matter what the outcome of the Mueller investigation or any of his or his family's future moves.

It's Kind Of Interesting That Trump's New Name For His Wall - Steel Slats .....

pays homage to the infamous dossier author - Christopher Steele. From now on Trump's new Wall name should be as written - "Steele Slats".

Maybe Trump is unconsciously telling us something here. Oops!!!!!!

Why Do Cable News Anchors Keep Saying They Don't Understand Trump's Hold On Repugs?.....

Why do the Repugs keep circling their wagons around Trump and why do they continue to protect him? Even those Repugs that are retiring and leaving - like Ryan (he doesn't have anything to lose and can he can stand up to Trump but he continues to protect Trump and bow to Trump's wishes).

It seems like these news anchors pussy foot around the answer to that question - why do the Repugs continue to protect Trump and bow to all his demands?

In my humble opinion - the answer to that question is key to our whole Trump problem.

If we know what Trump's magical hold is over the Repugs and expose that - maybe - just maybe - we can begin to solve our Trump problem.

Is he blackmailing the Repugs? Does Trump or Putin have 'kompromat' on the Repugs that they are afraid of getting exposed.

Is Trump threatening on taking down the Repug Party - if they don't cooperate with him?

What is Trump's hold on the Repugs and their Party?

Why won't the news anchors go there and attempt to answer that question? Why do they keep dancing around the answer?

Am I Getting This Right - The Senate Will Vote On The House Bill....

from last night with the $5 billion wall addition. There won't be the votes to pass it. The government will be shutdown. Trump and the Repugs will blame the shutdown on the Dems - because they didn't get the Dem support to pass this.

Maybe Trump Should Go To Corporations To Sponsor Sections Of The Wall.....

and allow them to put advertisements on their section. You know - just like we have corps sponsoring stadiums around the country.

Why Do The Repugs Keep Circling The Wagons Around Trump And Protecting Him?.....

What does he have over them? How is he blackmailing them into protecting him? Is he threatening them that if they take him down he'll take them down with him?

He knows where all their skeletons are hidden. He could spill the beans and take down the whole Party if he wanted to. Is that what they are afraid of?

And if he doesn't know where their skeletons are hidden - he'll just lie and make things up to take them down. Is that what they are afraid of?

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